Do you want to:

  • create more employers, entrepreneurs and jobs?
  • encouraged diversity, empowerment and youth engagement?
  • fix current workforce gaps?
  • improve collaboration, innovation and productivity?
  • influence education providers and systems on employer needs, entrepreneurship and industry requirements?
  • match employees and graduates skills and experience with jobs?
  • understand future workforce demand?

Whether it is one or more of these workforce problems, Workforce BluePrint works with organisations, projects, industry sectors, regions and countries, to address issues, develop a workforce plan and implement practical solutions.  Importantly a workforce plan takes stock of where you are now, where you want to be and identifies the gaps.  It helps you to address issues at this time and to know what workforce you want into the future using a simple, systematised approach to workforce planning called TAKE ACTION.

Developing 21st Century Workforces with a focus on planning for growth, future jobs and capabilities, employer and industry engagement; and World-class Vocational Education Training (VET/TVET) systems is Workforce BluePrint’s vision.  Mostly we solve workforce problems both here and now, as well as into the future, with workforce development strategies bridging the gap between the current and future workforce.  These solutions may include Employer and Industry Engagement; Skills for Economic Growth; Employee or Student Engagement; Training Needs Analysis; 21st Century Capabilities; VET System Design and Implementation; Workforce Planning and Development; and Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship.

Take the opportunity to explore the programs, resources, services and tools facilitated by Workforce BluePrint and partners including:

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From school education to higher education, vocational education and training (VET) and international education, action research from employers and industry about current and future jobs, informs the 21st Century Capability Framework and innovative programs provided in Australia and around the world.

If you are an education provider, looking to offer immersive learning experiences where students work on real world problems, meet employers, entrepreneurs, government agencies and industry representatives, and build networks, let’s chat.

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