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Are you looking for coaching and mentoring, professional development, resources and tools to help you with the how to of workforce planning?

This website is a resource for the Australian and international business community from large corporates to small businesses, produced by Workforce BluePrint.

Workforce BluePrint provides Workforce Planning and Development Services for Small and Medium Sizes Enterprises (SMEs) and organisations, clusters, networks and supply chains, industry sectors and major projects, regions and countries.

With a head office in Adelaide, South Australia, Workforce BluePrint has clients across all Australian states and territories, and international connections with Bhutan, Malaysia, Maldives, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and the USA.

A workforce plan takes stock of where you are now, where you want to be and identifies the gaps. It puts a workforce lens on your strategic plan and helps you to prioritise workforce development strategies now and into the future.

As workforce planners and developers (hence the term Workforce Architects) we have come across some great and some not so great workforce planning tools and training.  These workforce planning, workforce development and human resource management resources cover attraction through to work life balance and with Workforce Architects we develop and network people from around the world who want to address and solve current and future workforce issues and problems..

This website has lots of information including:

Customised conference key notes, workshops and webinars, pick n mix workshop topics to suit you and the facilitation of a Workforce Architects program are provided to build knowledge, understanding and practice in workforce development and planning.

Managing simple to complex workforce planning projects and implementing practical workforce development strategies such as training needs analysis, capability/competency frameworks, skills profiling, and gap closing strategies in ways that build your capability, capacity & productivity is our mission.

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