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Workforce Planning –“Isn’t that HR’s job?!” or “Let’s wait and see”

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Recently when I asked you, “What’s your biggest frustration around workforce planning and development?” you responded with the following themes and comments:

It is difficult to explain the benefits of workforce planning and development

  • Finding the time to do this and having the resources
  • Managing day to day operations vs. looking to the future and long term goals
  • People don’t understand what it actually is
  • Getting senior management on board, engaged and following through with actions
  • Not much evidence that employees are included in the process and planning development and then an opposing view that getting input from staff and managers was difficult
  • Seeing it as an exercise to get funding and not taking it seriously
  • Development strategies are not implemented in a timely manner with management preferring a wait and see rather than using the evidence presented in the workforce plan Read More
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