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Best of Workforce Planning and Development including Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Bhutan delegation

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Throughout April and May 2015, Workforce BluePrint was privileged to host a high level delegation from Bhutan alongside QUT, who visited Canberra, Adelaide, Mildura and Robinvale, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Twelve members of the delegation learnt ways to develop Bhutan’s workforce and economy in a measured and sustainable way all working towards a National Workforce Plan.  The aims of the program were to:

  1. Strengthen human governance capabilities which link Corporate Governance, Human Governance and Workforce Planning and Development.
  2. Establish an evidenced-based approach to workforce planning and development which includes current and future workforce demand and supply, identification of workforce risk and implementation of risk mitigation strategies.
  3. Develop a national workforce plan for Bhutan which demonstrates the link between workforce planning and development, productivity, sustainability and economic growth.

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Retaining workers on an island

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In our previous blog, we spoke about the current status of Hamilton Island’s economic and workforce development, with some key issues raised around staff retention.  A program which is being trialled on the island in conjunction with the Salvation Army has proven to be successful.

By connecting young people with a structured training program, The Oasis Program has begun to solve the problem of high staff turnover on the island and upskill a disengaged, low-skill workforce across Australia.

In this blog we will outline the suitability to implement similar programs on other islands.

Kangaroo Island, SA

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest island and is located off the coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula, about 110 km south-west of Adelaide. Read More

Growing resilient river communities through workforce development

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Across the Goulburn, Murrumbidgee and Murray River regions, a resounding emphasis on growing resilient communities and businesses is evident.

With a focus on irrigation, innovative farming and developing plans to tackle fluctuations in water usage and associated funding, workforce planning needs to be cost-effective, and leverage allocated Government funding.

Through this funding, a focus on sustainable job creation with high regional retention rates must be achieved.

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A regional overview of SA and VIC based valleys and their accompanying workforce

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Barossa Valley, SA

The Barossa Valley is home to some of the world’s strongest contenders when it comes to the food and wine industry. Activities affiliated with the Barossa’s tourism and food industry are world-renowned and bring national and international business to the state.

The Barossa Valley has a relatively low unemployment rate, and a productive, young workforce. Work participation is high, despite a below-average level of education and post-school qualifications.

It has above average proportions of school-aged and younger children and people aged between 45 and 64 years.

Over 40% of the Barossa’s population work outside of the region – often travelling into Adelaide’s city centre and surrounding business districts. This results in a lower unemployment rate in comparison to more remote valley districts.

Trades, production and labouring occupations are popular within the valley, and the region holds an above average household income.

Regional leadership training is encouraged within the area, with programs readily available to develop skills in hospitality, business, food & wine, and community development. Read More

Robinvale Workforce Development Strategy aimed at developing skills for the future

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Press Release Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 – Workforce BluePrint

Workforce BluePrint will work with three local Sunraysia employers, Boundary Bend, Select Harvests and OLAM, following the launch of Robinvale Agribusiness Workforce Development Strategy at the 2014 Sunraysia Agribusiness Summit by Member for Mildura Peter Crisp.  The Robinvale Agribusiness Workforce Development Strategy will ensure the Robinvale region has a highly competent agricultural workforce now and into the future.

Robinvale Advancing Country Towns Strategic Projects Manager Mr Glenn Stewart said, “…the initiative was an excellent example of industry working with schools, RTO’s and Universities to develop sustainable training and higher education pathways to develop the skills required to enhance horticulture production in the Robinvale region”.

Peter Crisp MLA for Mildura and Glenn Stewart Advancing Country Towns making the announcement of $45,000 towards the Robinvale Workforce Development Strategy at the Sunraysia Agribusiness Summit held at the Robinvale Golf Club.

Workforce needs will be analysed by workforce planning and development specialists Workforce BluePrint including:

  • entry level skill and education requirements for workforce roles
  • critical job roles and skills
  • job requirements and skill needs

The three businesses will work together to identify the job roles in demand and the skills needed across the region. Read More

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