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11 tough questions to ask your RTO

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With a number of RTO Strategic Reviews completed around Australia, there are key questions that Registered Training Organisation (RTO) CEO’s, owners, board and team members need to be asked.  Responding to questions like these requires a level of trust, honesty, openness and a positive attitude.

  1. Why do you exist?

Starting with understanding the RTO’s background, when it was established, with what purpose in mind and the history to date gives a good sense of what is has been like.Training pic

  1. Who are you?

Some RTO’s have been reactive, pursuing government funding over fee for service, expanding their scope, adding programs and moving into new industry areas.  This has left them now asking who are we and what is our focus resulting in an identity crisis and muddled branding.  Other RTO’s have stood firm with who they are which hasn’t been swayed by changes in VET policy. Read More

Wendy Perry and Associates prepares for the low carbon economy

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Reducing costs, greenhouse gas emissions and energy use has been the result of a strategic commitment by Wendy Perry and Associates Pty Ltd to monitor and reduce consumption over the past four years.

For the 2010-11 year total emissions for vehicle travel, electricity, waste, purchased paper, flights and taxi travel reduced down to 6.18tCO2e – a 34% saving on the previous financial year.

A base year energy and emissions analysis for 1 July 2007 to 30 June 2008 identified scope 1, scope 2 and selected scope 3 emissions as totalling 63.9tCO2e with the activity contributing to the majority of the emissions related to business travel.  Since being made aware of the company’s emissions and energy use, 44.84tCO2e was the total emissions for 2008-9 and 21.54 tCO2e for 2009-10.

Sustainability is a strategic priority for the company, reflected in values, behaviours and core competencies.  Emissions savings were made by engaging with our team, utilising readily accessible technology for online meetings and collaboration, reducing interstate travel and the introduction of a policy that recognises who is responsible for business travel.

“A commitment to reducing our emissions has really paid off as we can show a 36% saving from last financial year in our fuel costs and a 41% saving in our travel expenses.  Electricity costs have risen slightly and so in the New Year we are installing solar panels to further reduce electricity and energy consumption.  The option to offset emissions will be included in client proposals and environmentally friendly office supplies will be another change introduced next year”, explains Wendy Perry, Managing Director, Wendy Perry and Associates Pty Ltd.

The company’s commitment to operating as a carbon neutral corporation during the 2010-11 inventory period has meant the unavoidable GHG emissions are offset using carbon offsets registered under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and equate to the equivalent of taking approximately 1.7 passenger vehicles off the road for 12 months.

“Wendy Perry & Associates is a great example of what can be achieved when a company draws focus on GHG’s within the business and across the value chain. A commitment, which when led from senior management and filtered through the organisational culture, ultimately leads to an improvement in operational efficiencies and expenses”, said Matthew Shorten Managing Director of BalanceCarbon, who has been working with the company since 2007.

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