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Hear from an employer and their award winning school based apprentice on the benefits on how to set up a School Based Apprenticeship for success.  The benefits to the business include a cost effective way to structure a job role at an introductory level, gaining insight into potential target markets, balancing the workforce profile and honing coaching and mentoring skills.  From the trainee's point of view you are one step ahead, with resume advantage and experience, progressing quicker, gaining rewards and skills such as time management, communication and team work.

This workshop will introduce a system for managing an approach to School Based Apprenticeships where the apprentice is undertaking meaningful work with a well-designed job role, business productivity increases and the outcomes that are promoted are beyond incentives and subsidized wages.  With an employer and trainee co-facilitating from their perspectives, content will be communicated with relevant activities, examples and experiences.

Who should participate?  This topic is ideal for people who are working with employers and apprentices from employment service providers, schools, group training organisations, government representatives and Registered Training Organisations, as well as business owners and potential trainees.

Intended outcomes:

Understand how a School Based Apprentice can transform a business including:

  • reinvigorating a workplace with new ideas
  • taking away the pain of administration tasks with automation and technology
  • customising tasks to fit with training outcomes

For the School Based Apprentice how their employment and training can:

  • be coordinated to achieve a balance of personal and business outcomes
  • become a great first step to a successful career
  • enable them to network and build their profile

Presenters: Jessica Perry, Lead Facilitator, Career BluePrint and Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner at Workforce BluePrint.

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