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Do you want to use the tech resources you probably already have on hand to improve productivity and make your life easier?

This new 1 day hands on workshop coming up that is a ‘must’ for you if you are an employer who wants to:

  • Improve productivity with free or very low cost apps, software and features on most smart phones that are incredibly easy to use once someone shows you how.
  • Use these tools straight away - bring your laptop, smart phone or tablet to a workshop that is NOT about telling you what is possible, instead you will download, setup and start using tools whilst in the workshop.
  • Have apps, systems, and software set up ready to create the efficiencies that may make your workplace safer and improve your bottom line.

The entire time you will be in the company of peers with Workforce BluePrint facilitators to provide support.

What’s covered?

  • using more of the features on your smart phone
  • setting up shared calendars
  • setting up cloud based task management apps that improve communication, keep team members on track, and provide real time updates
  • videoing instructions and tasks to reduce some of the time burden to train people while still delivering quality training outcomes
  • editing videos quickly, cheaply and easily
  • using QR codes, AR and VR to make information more accessible
  • creating and using online forms and using them to improve compliance, quality and manage risk
  • options for tracking smart phones to improve and monitor safety
  • electronic GPS enabled time sheets and much more

Investment: Quote available upon request to, thank you.

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