The Business Wealth Games

You've probably seen over the past 18 months or so, there has been a building interest in encouraging business growth, entrepreneurship, innovation and startups in Australia.

There is also a growing need for students to make their learning real.  Gaining more experience in the real world, a better grasp on applying their skills, and meeting potential employers or clients.

From a Registered Training Organisation's (RTOs) point of view, increasing your quality of outcomes, making your students more employable, and exposing them to the practicalities of running a business can only help position you as a leader.

The Business Wealth Games is an intensive event that brings together students with skills, and enterprises who need help or have been stagnant for a while, to transform different aspects of their business.

Businesses pay a small entry fee if they are selected to participate.  Each business delivers a pitch to student participants on who they are, why they are in business, what the business does, what they think they do well and what needs to be improved.

The ideal businesses to participate are those who are looking to make changes and improve their position, processes and products.  You need to be a quick decision maker, open to change, and ready to share information to help the teams work on your business.

For the small fee they pay, the businesses will get highly motivated student teams working on transforming different aspects of their operations.  The idea is for many aspects of the business to be reviewed and as many improvements to be made as possible.

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Ideal for your students who are trained in areas applicable to small and medium enterprises, wanting to hone their skills and contribute to their portfolio of work.  There is the potential to build the event into your course timetable or as a stand alone, value adding career development opportunity.

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Register as a mentor - work with students and businesses

Over the course of the event, mentors work with both students and businesses to provide advice, feedback and support.  If this sounds like something you would like to do please register your interest here.

Register as a student - gain real world experience

Make your learning real, show off your skills and gain important connections!

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Register as an enterprise - transform your business

Like a working bee for your business, get your to do list taken care of utilising the skills of trained students who will work intensively on improvements with your guidance.

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If you have questions or would like to know more now please call Scott on 0400 096 511 or email, thank you.

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