Known as an outstanding example of Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET), workforce planning and development, understanding the Australian Policy Framework and Governance Context is an important first step for international delegations and VET Leaders.

Ideally based in Canberra or a capital city, over 3 or 4 days, the following program outline provides a good basis to build one that suits your objectives.

Day 1

Welcome to Country

Orientation and Welfare Program

Welcome briefing

Overview of the Program

  • Confirmation of objectives
  • Program framework
  • Expected outputs
  • Group/individual assignments

Presentation of Work Plans

Learning goals for the delegation members/fellows

Day 2

  • Introduction to Workforce Planning and Development in Australia
  • TAKE ACTION system
  • Industry workforce planning and development
  • Getting started with the workforce plan
  • 5 step Workforce Planning and Development model
  • Understanding Australian Government policy framework and governance context for workforce planning and development
  • Overview of Vocational Education and Training in Australia – framework and governance (responsibilities)
  • Guest speakers
  • VET Reform Taskforce - change management and areas of reform

Day 3

  • Program framework, national structures and systems, policy framework and settings for ‘industry led’
  • Industry advice and engagement
  • Examples of workforce planning and development in action
  • Business incubation and coworking
  • Strategic change management models and approaches, specifics in relation to areas of workforce and VET reform
  • Working on the workforce plan, action plans and projects

Social activities can be designed for visitors including Australian animals, food tastings, visits to bars, markets, tourist attractions and wine tasting.

Contact Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint via to design a program that suits you.

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