International Delegation Hosting

Visit Australia to see Workforce Planning and Development in Practice, learn about applying models, frameworks, and the how to of workforce planning, with the aim of contributing towards a Workforce Development Plans and TVET sector capability development.

Workforce BluePrint is experienced in hosting delegations in Australian capital cities and regional locations where we showcase the 'best of' initiatives, policies, projects and partnership.

The objectives of the visit may include:

  • Understand the policy framework and culture of governance that foster effective workforce planning and development
  • Apply a strategic change management approach for implementation of workforce development plans
  • Enhance your skills in policy entrepreneurship and strategic and inclusive leadership
  • Develop a framework for a national workforce plan to address high youth unemployment
  • Experience workforce planning and development initiatives at an enterprise, industry, regional, governmental and small business level
  • See examples of employer and industry engagement in economic development through workforce planning and workforce development.

Expected outcomes may include:

  1. Strengthen human governance capabilities which link Corporate Governance, Human Governance and Workforce Planning and Development.
  2. Establish an evidenced-based approach to workforce planning and development which includes current and future workforce demand and supply, identification of workforce risk and implementation of risk mitigation strategies.
  3. Develop a workforce plans which demonstrates the link between workforce planning and development, productivity, sustainability and economic growth.

Fellows may include senior representatives from Government, Universities, Employment & TVET Providers, Civil Service, Industry Bodies and Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Contact Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint via to design a program that suits you.

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