VET Workforce Skills profile

Would you like an easy and quick way to self-assess your skills and abilities against a VET Workforce Skills profile?

The VET Workforce Skills profile outlines common skills for all VET practitioners plus relevant functional skill areas covering Assessment, Employer and Industry Engagement, International VET, Learning and Facilitation, Systems and Compliance.

You may decide to access the online tool for your own purposes, identifying areas of development, where you are competent and areas of strength where you can develop others.

From your RTOs point of view, you can invite your VET practitioners and professionals to undertake a self-assessment that can then be aggregated into RTO wide reports showing development needs and capability.

Use this information for individual learning and development plans, performance reviews and as evidence to support compliance.

The following information is needed to undertake the self-assessment:

  • Payment
  • email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Country

Once this information is received an email with video instructions will be sent to you and a link from Skillsbook™ will invite you to log in and rate your skills.

The VET Workforce Skills profile is mapped to units of competency from National Training Packages but this does not mean that you will be accredited in these units via the tool.  Moreover your individual report, that you will receive via email once you have completed the self-assessment process, will be a guide for planning development needs and could contribute as evidence towards something like an RPL application.

Investment: Order your skills profile now.

NB. this is based upon the number of people you wish to profile.

Number of people Investment
1-5 $97 incl GST
6-20 $92 incl GST
21-50 $87 incl GST
51-100 $82 incl GST
101+ $77 incl GST

Coaching and Mentoring

Where skills development needs are uncovered the following opportunities are available to you:

Online or over the phone and with the potential of face to face coaching and mentoring can be one-on-one or in groups as follows:

Number of people Investment
1-5 $330 incl GST/hour
6-10 $550 incl GST/hour
11-15 $770 incl GST/hour
16-20 $990.00 incl GST
20+ To be negotiated



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Take your business to the next level (& global) – Industry specific and/or Scale up

This 1-2 week immersive program can be targeted to specific industry sectors or businesses wanting to scale up from any sector.  The key objectives are that participants use the gained knowledge, attitude and skills to influence their business growth strategies and industry sectors. This program also aims to create professional linkages between the participating organisations, industry and government, as well as workforce supply partners such as schools, Registered Training Organisations, Universities and employment service providers.

It is expected that the participants will have a strong understanding of how to develop business networks, analyse markets, business and products, and access finance and capital.  The program provides an opportunity to meet with a range of business, entrepreneurial and industry leaders.  The learning objectives of the program are participants’ improved skills and ability to:

  1. Identify how to connect businesses with market opportunities, use support networks and leverage existing business networks
  2. Improve the pitch and investment proposal to attract investors
  3. Identify how to access finance and capital for international growth of business
  4. Understand the importance of business analyses (competitor, market, business, product) and how to respond to external challenges
  5. Analyse key stakeholders and identify ways to connect business with markets, develop business networks and leverage existing networks (including strategies to develop stronger networks and business contacts with startups in Australia)
  6. Analyse key drivers (legal, political, environment, economic, socio-cultural and technological) that impact start-ups
  7. Understand how to undertake competitor and product analyses and how to respond to the challenges (five forces: existing competitors, suppliers, substitutes, new entrants and users)
  8. Understand the importance of integrated marketing communications, including social media, branding and public relations
  9. Further develop strategies to utilise technology and respond to changes in technology use

Guest speakers, sites visits and invitees to networking events, will be picked to match with the profile of participants for peer learning, knowledge exchange and potential partnerships.  Visiting different businesses, locations and sites will be complemented with content such as videos, readings, links, coaching/mentoring.  A pre-program session (group and/or 1-on-1) will enable facilitators to gain an understanding of each business and their priorities with a project undertaken and implemented by each participant, and a follow up post-workshop session (1 day).

Duration & Numbers: 1 week + pre and post activities, up to 25 people, for further information please email, thank you.


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