Thank you again for last Fridays workshop. I gained a lot from attending and it certainly started the wheels in my head turning in regards to 1) how I/we talk with industry, and 2) business opportunities.  In a few weeks’ time we are hosting an Industry Reference Group and I’m sure the night will be more of a success after my time with you.  Scott - participant

A sincere thank you for the day and additional extras 😉  I am very glad I attended and reconnected with you , cemented some current practices and gained tips for thoughtful strategy into the future.  I have already shared some of your ideas with my colleagues and will cover the workshop at our next sales meeting.  I’m sure you would also agree that meeting up with other RTOs gives fresh perspectives and invigorates the roles that we are currently focussed on.  One of my favourites for the day -The finale, a unique use of a simple tool - Speed thinking  what a  hit and a great way to end the day.  Julie - participant


Are you keen to build upon your relationships with employers and industry?  Would you like to ensure that your staff are comfortable and confident to uncover all sorts of workforce needs and opportunities?

Your team may face the following challenges when working with industry/employers including:

  • Uncertainty as to how to approach industry, make initial contact and build relationships;
  • Increased competition in your industry area or region;
  • Maybe they don’t see it as part of their role; or
  • Perhaps they are busy with other tasks related to their job

Specific professional development aims addressed by the ENGAGE program are:

  • Building capability to work effectively with business, industry and employers;
  • Developing ability to identify workforce development needs, priorities and potential solutions;
  • Understanding the importance of promoting business and productivity benefits from training programs;
  • Developing skills in effective networking, targeting and stakeholder engagement; and
  • Potential team project – create action items/plan to engage with industry.


Duration: 1 day or coaching over 2 weeks

NB. The 1 day intensive program could be split into 2 half days with people who are confident and experienced working with employers and industry attending in the afternoon.

Times: 9.00 am – 4.00 pm

Venue: At your location

The 1 day intensive program can be split into 2 half days with people who are confident and experienced working with employers and industry attending in the afternoon.

The ENGAGE Program can be customised to include the following content:

  • Workforce Development Context
    • understanding the full picture of workforce development in the business environment (expectations of the role and responsibilities, internal/external customer expectations, employer and industry expectations, external environment);
    • definitions relating to workforce planning, workforce development, skills and training needs analysis in the context of large, small and medium enterprises.

    Engaging with Employers

    • building staff confidence in undertaking advisory roles with employers;
    • gaining trust, building relationships and engaging employers;
    • analysing, discussing, validating and prioritising workforce needs, including identifying common gaps and issues;
    • developing and managing responses.

    Personal Development

    • evaluation of personal performance in employer engagement and outcomes;
    • support for staff to plan future development actions.

    Other content can be incorporated or form the basis of applying the ENGAGE system including:

    • Australian Apprenticeships (including School-Based)
    • Coaching and mentoring
    • Fee for service
    • Leadership development
    • Skills profiling and RPL
    • Small business development
    • Target market segmentation
    • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Facilitator: Australia’s leading workforce planning and development specialist - Wendy Perry.

Workforce BluePrint can provide the following value added services:

  • Guest speakers from business and industry who are engaged in workforce development and planning
  • Access to engagement tools and materials (all shared electronically, not printed)
  • Content on context i.e. changing employer expectations, VET reform, state/territory funded programs
  • Blog posts, articles and research on how to best work with employers and industry
  • Invitation to join the Workforce Planning Tools and Australian VET Leaders group on LinkedIn
  • Introduction to potential RTO partner for assessment only services and issuance of statement of attainments where appropriate.

Investment: $327.00 incl GST

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