Do you want to re-energise the RPL process, procedure and documentation?  Perhaps you have RPL applications waiting to be processed? Maybe you have a number of inquiries but that doesn't convert to applications and completions.

Aside from developing skills through RPL training and practice, perhaps consider if your documentation and resources need streamlining and updating.  Workforce BluePrint can save you time and investment by developing:

1. RPL kits for your priority qualifications developed in word including self-assessment questions focussing on critical aspects of assessment and evidence, required skills and knowledge.

2. RPL documentation (assessor information and resources) in word and with the option of pdf smart forms:

a) Pre-Assessment Tool;

b) RPL Assessment Record;

c) RPL Post Assessment Summary;

e) Third Party Report.

3. RPL Training using the SIMPLE RPL system

Contact for details on the investment for your priority qualifications.

Workforce BluePrint can provide the following value added services:

  • Flowcharts/info graphics for RPL documentation and processes
  • Flowchart/info graphics for RPL candidates to follow the processes
  • Video instructions for RPL candidates including efficient ways to collect evidence
  • Video instructions for assessors including efficient ways to analyse evidence
  • Augmented Reality within kit development and resources
  • RPL@RTO app development
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sfw_pwd: uI74RXDr1t2l

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