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Has your RTO experienced significant change?

Now the opportunity going ahead is to make sure that your RTO is best positioned for the future with a strategic review by Australia's leading VET Strategist.

The objectives of the review may include:

  1. Understanding industry and regional workforce demand and training needs compared with current scope
  2. Gaining feedback from key stakeholders such as the Board of Directors; Senior Executive Management Team, Training and Assessment staff
  3. Analysing evidence on RTO performance including employer and student feedback, enrolment trends, funding contracts, retention/completion and financials
  4. Identifying workforce development and training opportunities including areas for RTO expansion and/or contraction
  5. Design recommendations outlining how your RTO can meet regional, industry, employer and student demand, findings, strengths and areas for improvement

The suggested approach includes:

  • Review of existing strategic plan, scope, programs, information, data and evidence related to RTO performance and position
  • External scan including industry and regional workforce needs, state and national VET policy that will have an impact on the future direction of your RTO
  • Meetings with the CEO and representatives of the management team, RTO team and other internal stakeholders at your location
  • Potential discussion with team members in other locations and any relevant external stakeholders
  • Analysis of all of the evidence and information to develop a draft report
  • Discussion of draft report with the CEO and representatives of the management team, RTO team and other internal stakeholders
  • Presentation of the final report and recommendations (this could be managed via an online meeting or face to face)

Workforce BluePrint will tailor the approach to suit your RTO, context and desired outcomes.

For a quote please email with the purpose of the review and we'll respond with further information.

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