Perhaps you are new to Vocational Education and Training (VET), or you’d like to introduce new services, projects and initiatives, or maybe you’d like to broaden the impact of your RTO making it more sustainable?

Workforce BluePrint can assist with coaching and mentoring in all things VET related considering VET policy, funding and market opportunities.  Where your RTO needs a plan for the future, the VET Insight Service and development of a VET Opportunities Plan can help put you on the right track for RTO success.

VET Insight Service and Opportunities Plan

Workforce BluePrint understands that your RTO may aim to:

  • showcase your strengths and capability
  • identify strategies to drive more enrolments and activity including funding opportunities;
  • validate existing products and prioritise new product development including short courses and qualifications;
  • understand VET policy implications nationally and in all states and territories; and
  • identify hot spots of possible market demand in Australia and internationally.

Considering the aims above, Workforce BluePrint suggests the development of a VET opportunities plan and presentation that will include:

  1. Desk top analysis covering national VET policy and reforms that are relevant across states and territories related to your RTO’s capability.
  2. External scan for opportunities across Australian capital cities and regional locations (possibly TVET international opportunities).
  3. Product review with traffic light rating and identification of any new products plus funding opportunities.
  4. Draft presentation and action plan, feedback and finalisation.
Coaching and mentoring in VET for RTO’s (where required)
Desk top review – VET policy and funding action research - national, state and territories (up to 9 VET funding systems but you choose)
External scan: Australian capital cities and Regional locations (again you choose where to focus)
Product review with RTO scope map using a traffic light system and suggestions for any changes to scope
Presentation and action plan including scope map for feedback and review
Optional (you choose)
Action research for TVET International regions (or countries) including:-Eastern and Western Africa

- Southern Africa

- Eastern Europe and Central Asia

- Latin America and Caribbean

- Middle East and North Africa

- South Asia

- East Asia and the Pacific

- Europe

- North America

Further information email, thank you.

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