Industry Job Creation Plan/Workforce Action Plan

The objectives of these projects is to support the industry to develop strategies to address the skills needs of an emerging workforce in the context of sustained demand, increasingly complex supply chains and increasing technological and compliance requirements.  This project will support your region's students, educators, businesses and other stakeholders to understand the nature of the skills required, develop job creation strategies and actions to achieve these outcomes.

We understand that it will be important to work with existing partners especially where there is already significant evidence of workforce gaps, strengths and requirements to be built upon.

Target Outcomes may include:

  •       Identify industry-specific needs regarding skills development;
  •       Collaborate with stakeholders to improve the linkages between industry and RTOs to improve the relevance and quality of skills for the sector;
  •       Identify and recommend strategies to reverse the decline in the number of Trainees and Apprentices enrolling and completing qualifications in your region;
  •       Identify opportunities and make recommendations to improve the access to funding for employers relating to skills and training in your region;
  •       Identify emerging industries and the skills required for the industry to transition their businesses to new enterprises;
  •       Map the delivery of training required against national qualifications; and
  •       Facilitate an industry implementation agreement to advance employment opportunities, training delivery and upskilling.

Outputs: An industry validated job creation/workforce action plan identifying priorities, critical job roles (with skills profiles) and capabilities plus programs, initiatives and projects to ensure the capability and capacity of the future workforce for the sector, with the implementation of some of the solutions and activities identified.

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