Are you committed to ensuring that all employees are provided with a clear sense of purpose on what is expected within their role in supporting your organisation to achieve its strategic goals?

This includes identifying the skills required for each job role and assessing each team member’s strengths and development needs against their job skill profile.

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) framework draws upon a skills matrix and is used to support workforce planning, personnel reviews, career and succession planning.  Training and development options to address any gaps are built into each employee’s plan with the results aggregated to inform your organisation's training budget and workforce plan.

Workforce BluePrint facilitates a workshop sessions to develop managers’ capacity to implement the TNA process.  To assist managers conduct development conversations with their team members, the workshop and guide summarises the main points of the process including guidance on applying some of the more advanced conversational techniques.

To achieve a best practice TNA outcome Workforce BluePrint recommends managers follow this simple system: SMART Conversations which is a process for the TNA and the basis for the workshop.

Duration: 2 hours

Investment: Quote available upon request to

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