1.6+ billion dollars of investment, regional skills and Australia Wide story on the ABC

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Glenn and Wendy

A recent dinner in Euston on 1 March 2017 was a highlight as it was an opportunity to celebrate all that the region has achieved in implementing the Robinvale Agribusiness Workforce Development Strategy.

Back in 2014, a “Celebrating Innovation Sunraysia Agribusiness Summit’ was held with sessions including ‘The changing nature of workforce development in Australian Agribusiness – Building the skills base of Sunraysia’.  The momentum from the forum and the identification by industry, employers, education providers and community stakeholders spurred on the development of the strategy and action plan.

In terms of GDP and major investment, this is a region that punches above its weight, where unemployment has also been high and this unique collective impact with community, business and government is making a huge difference.

So much so that the region has been highlighted on ABC’s Australia Wide.

In case you missed the program, follow this link to the Australia Wide program forward to 21:35 and see if you recognise anyone familiar!

See the article published in The Robinvale Sentinel on Thursday 9th March 2017


Regional Skills Fund

Facilitating job creation and retention of existing jobs in Victoria, Australia is the main aim of the Regional Jobs Fund.  There are 5 program streams including Investment Attraction, Innovation and Productivity, Market Access, Employment Precincts and Skills Development.

Jeff Wendy Ross

For the Regional Skills Fund, a key to a successful application is endorsement by the relevant Regional Partnership and alignment with local priorities with broad project categories including:

  • Industry Growth
  • Workforce Development
  • Career Pathways
  • Aspiration and attainment

“New and innovative partnerships and approaches in skills and workforce development that make a significant impact in rural and regional Victoria will be highly regarded.”

It is this openness to ideas based upon demonstrated needs of employers and industry, as well as flexibility in the guidelines that means regions and industry sectors can truly address what they need now and into the future.  Working with regional partners and Regional Development Victoria, developing an application for this fund has been an eye opening, creative and iterative process.  If you would like to discuss an innovative approach for your region, please send me an email to express your interest and we’ll make a time for a phone chat.

Workforce Training Innovation Fund

Being involved in Workforce Training Innovation Fund applications it is clear that anything other than business as usual is what they are looking for.Wendy and Peter

Read more here>

If you would like assistance with upcoming applications, to explore international opportunities and/or to discuss a potential partnership for new projects or programs, then please send me an email via wendy@wb.switchstartscale.com.au thank you.

March 2017

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