13 distracting VET headlines & 5 things to focus on instead

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Daily headlines pin point what is not right or could be with the Australian VET system and in the last week or so here are some of the headlines:

  1. Birmingham encourages vocational education
  2. Apprentice and trainee support
  3. Government must weed out shonky providers with new reports on
  4. Vocational education, the biggest get-rich quick scheme in Australia
  5. Higher education – Four Ministers to oversee and
  6. Simon Birmingham eager to break education deadlockFBE_CTU_lecture
  7. Rorting of VET Fee-Help with Full force against dodgy providers and
  8. Appalling flaws described in VET subsidy scheme
  9. Leaked documents reveal Narrandera, Corowa TAFE campuses to be sold
  10. Tasmania blocks Federal Government TAFE takeover
  11. Crack down on dodgy providers in Victoria
  12. Most Victorian vocational colleges fail quality test
  13. Vocational colleges preying on retirees in trawl for government cash

Whilst some might be distracted by these headlines, it’s important to ask yourself and your organisation what should we really be laser focused on?

Not 13 but 5 key areas, that instead of pulling you back, they will propel you forward:

  1. VET Policy analysis – what is the vision? What are the goals of the VET system? How are you contributing to them and what has changed?
  2. Market analysis – who wants what? Which job roles, in specific industry sectors and what geographic locations
  3. Product analysis – what gets great feedback, consistent enrolments, good completions and is profitable
  4. Opportunity analysis – what accredited and non-accredited training is in demand? What countries, regions, sectors and target groups should you be focusing on?
  5. Capability development – have you got the right skills profile? Perhaps an ironic question and more than ever before capability needs to be broad and deep, current and specific.


VET Opportunities Plan

From many chats, emails and meetings, RTO’s have said that independent advice and checking against the team’s decision making would be helpful.

So rather than a big review, a simple but clever approach, takes evidence of skills demand and the VET market (industry sectors and job roles), hot spot locations and regions around Australia (internationally too but up to you), and compares it with your current activity, scope, products and services.

Presented in an easy to understand format, together with your future RTO action plan, RTO scope map and information on opportunities including funding (national, states and territories) and partnerships this creates an informed, insightful direction highlighting opportunities you may have never known were there.

If you want to uncover opportunities for your RTO, please send an email to wendy@wb.switchstartscale.com.au to arrange a chat.

September 2015

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