2000+ participants in 1 month with 1 facilitator & great feedback – how do you do it?

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In 1 month, I hosted 10 webinars with up to 330 people in each one and got feedback like “I was really impressed with your facilitation of the webinar last week, both in managing your various presenters, talking to the people in the group – numerous as they were, and in explaining to people how the technology worked.  It was brilliant.”

I believe people are ready for webinars, why?  Well we have seen huge growth in the numbers of people choosing to participate in webinars often booking out all the places.

Less time out of the office, informative and helpful, cost effective as no travel time, easy access to presenters, and bonuses like webinar recordings all mean that webinars should be in the mix of what you do.

With a word of warning because if you are presenting webinars you need to do them really well.

It is different to presenting in a workshop, classroom or forum and some people find a webinar presentation way more stressful.  For example:

  1. If something goes wrong a short delay in a webinar can feel like a long time
  2. Your audience has numerous things around them that can distract
  3. As a presenter you are used to getting feedback in a certain way, say from an audience in front of you
  4. Feedback from the audience in webinar  is generally slower and comment, emoticon or question based
  5. If you are not mentally prepared with everything that is going to happen then it’s easier to be thrown off in a webinar

Practicing your presentation is important and why not learn from someone who has spent hours observing and analyzing what makes the difference between an average and a great webinar.

Register for the Formula for a Great Webinar on 19.2.14 at 12.30 pm AEDT – a good investment in gaining contemporary facilitation skills.

You may be thinking, webinars aren’t for me but webinar facilitation is a skill that everyone needs if you want to get your content, information and ideas across to your audience.

And I agree that webinars will never replace face to face interaction but I have found this an excellent way to cover lots of information on very specific topics with a local, national or international audience.

Written by Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint, 12 February 2014.

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