Are you an Australian VET Leader?

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YES – then join the Australian VET Leaders Linkedin group, take a proactive approach to your professional development, influence policy discussions and develop your political nous.

This group has activated a network of insightful, innovative and energetic people whose vision and dynamism can usher a future of progress, positive change and the sharing of knowledge.

The main goal of this group is to increase the productivity of the VET workforce and contribute to the productivity of the Australian workforce by developing a Community of Practice (CoP) with members from around the country to share ideas, inspire others and discuss leadership and succession planning issues faced by VET organisations. Drawing together a variety of people to work on a solutions based approach to transferring knowledge about implementing the national training system and ways to partner to address VET workforce issues is our focus.

A number of artifacts have been developed by the CoP, including a National VET landscape diagram, career maps of members, the development of an emerging VET leader competency profile, self assessment results and the compilation of a draft paper on VET Workforce Succession Planning with a leadership focus.

Specific outcomes to date include:

  • Documenting skills of emerging VET leaders to use as a CoP measurement as well as to go into organisation training plans to aid their growth through self assessment and validation of data;
  • Developing real information and data on VET pathways, career maps and competencies on VET and the issues participants face within it, to allow the development of a sector succession plan;
  • Building relationships across Australia with members drawn from private, public, ACE and enterprise Registered Training Organisations; industry bodies; policy, research and private sector organisations.

Formerly known as “Emerging VET Leaders”, the activities undertaken to date and the success of the community are due to the focus of the participants which has further defined the domain of knowledge through the following activities:

  • Four face to face forums in different states – Adelaide, Melbourne, Launceston (linked with the NCVER Conference) & Sydney
  • Each state forum has been hosted by different and local community of practice members
  • Have held four social functions in line with the forums including networking at the ACPET National Conference in Hobart
  • Teleconference and email facilities have also been readily used.

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