Are you working on your application for the National Careers Institute Partnership Grants – Round 2? Looking for innovative activities?

Applications due 5.00 pm AEST on 23 June 2021

Develop a word-based document that you can copy across to the online application form.

Section A relates Program Selection and Section B is about Eligibility where there are a number of questions you need to answer Yes to.

Section C is the Applicant address and Section D is Applicant financials.

Section E is where you outline your Project Information – more on this shortly.

Section F is the Project budget and you are encouraged to include cash and in-kind contributions.

The 3 Assessment Criteria is outlined in Section G where each one is weighted, H is Project partners/Collaborator, I is Application finalisation and K is the Application declaration.

You’ll need to read the guidelines in detail plus provide a project plan, project budget, letter’s of support from the CEO or equivalent of each project partner, trust deed (where applicable), and where your project relies on third party data or information, you must provide evidence of the formal agreement permitting the use of this data or information (where applicable).

To be eligible your project must:

  • provide locally focussed, face-to-face (including virtual face-to-face) activities and services for career guidance as referred to in the glossary in section 14
  • be aimed at developing or expanding innovative approaches to improving career guidance projects, activities or services
  • address career guidance service gaps by developing and/or enhancing partnerships between schools/community groups and industry/business or training organisations
  • target one or more of the following cohort groups:
    • adults looking to re-enter the workforce or change careers, or people developing their career
    • primary school students and their influencers (such as parents, carers and peers)
    • school students in years 7 to 10 and their influencers (such as parents, carers and peers).
  • have at least $20,000 in eligible expenditure.

You’ll need a project title and description, as well as outlining key activities and you might be looking for partners and/or activities that could be designed and facilitated for primary and/or high school students.

Here are some ideas of innovative activities and experiences that you might like to include that can be facilitated face to face and/or online by Workforce BluePrint:

Building Partnerships to Promote Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship and Social Innovation

Designing Entrepreneurial Learning Opportunities webinar or face to face (1 hour)

Effectively Engage Employers, Entrepreneurs and Industry in Education webinar or face to face (1 hour)

Future Jobs Cards on sale for $25 + postage per pack

Future of Jobs, Skills and Work Keynote webinar or face to face (1 hour)

Growth Hack Innovation Challenge (2 days) for students

How to Build Your Network and Profile on LinkedIn – webinar or face to face (1 hour)

Innovation Tours (1 day)

Pitch Coaching sessions (1 hour)

Pitching, Presenting and Persuasive Public Speaking Workshop

Professional Development - Entrepreneurial Learning; Engaging Employers; Intro to the Ecosystem

The 21st Century Capability Soon To Be in Huge Demand Keynote webinar or face to face (1 hour)

VET 4.0 Keynote webinar or face to face (1 hour)

21st Century Capabilities Framework

You might also need industry connections and introductions which we can help with, plus there are VR Tours that can be custom made, themed around current and future jobs, entrepreneurship and innovation, coming soon.

Collaborative partnerships can include at least one school/group of schools; communication organisation/group; career advisory organisation/body; and with at least one business; industry body/business bodies; training organisation/group training organisation.

If you’d like to collaborate then Workforce BluePrint, with a focus on the future of jobs, skills and work, can support your application and you might also like to include Switch Start Scale, the Entrepreneurship Facilitator for Adelaide.

With the deadline looming large, please get in touch ASAP via email if you’d like to work together, thanks.

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