‘Best of’ initiatives for engaging young employees & entrepreneurs

The Youth Stream of the Industry Skill Fund is open for applications.

You may be considering potential projects and perhaps you’d like to see an enterprising, innovative approach that captures the ‘best of’ what works for young people.

With two pilot programmes wouldn’t it be great if some of these became the best programmes in Australia like Bizifyd, BO$$ camp, School Based Apprenticeships and the Work Inspiration Program.

And maybe you’d like to connect with an amazing young ambassador and speaker who has been recognised for her work in helping young people with creating a vision for your career.

Reviewing the Industry Skills Fund – Youth Stream guidelines in detail, it will be interesting to see if any suggestions from the draft documents have been incorporated from suggestions on how not to keep young people unemployed.

Industry Skills Fund – Youth Stream

Information on the business.gov.au website states the following:

Youth Employment Pathways supports community organisations in assisting young people aged 15 – 18 reengage themselves again, motivate themselves and re-enter school, start vocational training or adjust into a job.

Community service organisations may be eligible for support through the youth employment pathways program; this support can be used for providing services to meet individual’s needs, including intensive case management, job search, mentoring and other services.

Training for Employment Scholarships support training that meets the needs of your business and a young person who may be ready for employment, but in need of further training.

If your business is under 200 employees, and you hire a young person aged 18 – 24 years after 1 march 2015, you’re eligible for funding to reimburse your business up to $7500 for up to 26 weeks job specific training.

HYPA – Bizifyd Program

Bizifyd is aimed at connecting young people with small business owners.  Bizifyd understands the importance of youth and also appreciates the knowledge and skills that a younger generation can bring to the workforce.

The aim of this program is to provide young people with business, enterprise and employability skills.  These skills can set a young person up for entering the workforce or starting their own business.

Bizifyd is targeted at young people who are interested in business, self-employment and entrepreneurship.  It is also aimed at young people who have a passion for social media and are interested in improving and building on skills they might already have.

For further details contact:

Jessica Wright, Project Officer – HYPA on 0478 402 493

jwright@hypa.net.au or bizifyd@hypa.net.au

Sasha Dragovelic, Manager – HYPA on 0407 602 408


BO$$ camp

BO$$ camp is a one of a kind entrepreneurial program aimed at students who are aged 14-18 years.  The main purpose of BO$$ camp is to assist young people in making a path in life, to discover opportunities and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Over 2 days, young people are inspired, they experience a rapid process of developing business ideas and building it into something entrepreneurial, and they are connected with local business networks and the start-up ecosystem.

Beyond the next event in Adelaide, BO$$ camp is reaching young people in cities and regional locations from Queensland to Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sunraysia  If you know of young people that would like to attend BO$$ camp in Adelaide, then please go to this link, insert the promo code WFBP to get $100 off each ticket.

For further information and to consider hosting or partnering on a BO$$ camp please contact VIP Boss, wendy@bosscamp.com.au.

School Based Apprenticeships

Who better to talk about the benefits of School Based Apprenticeships than the employees and employers involved?

Here is the first blog post that Glenn, who is a SBA at Workforce BluePrint has ever written on How hiring apprentices helps your business to grow.

These short videos highlight why SBA’s are such a great opportunity from an employer’s view, from an employee’s view, why you should think about hiring a SBA, and 89 tasks a School Based Apprentice can do for your business.

Presentations and workshops are available on How to transform your business and your life with School Based Apprenticeships.

Work Inspiration Program

Work experience is seen by many young people as a mandatory task, something that must be done.  Work inspiration is an Australian-wide, employer-led campaign that changes the perception of work experience into work inspiration.

A week of meaningful and worthwhile work experience is offered that can make a lifetime’s difference to a young person.  Several organisations have come together to really reinvent work experience programs, introducing effective ways for young people to experience the working world.

Work inspiration helps young people to make informed and effective decisions about their future career paths. The work inspiration program had fantastic results in the UK and now it’s heading down under.

Interested? Click here for information on how to get involved.

Young Ambassador

You may be looking for someone who is a role model for young people with a positive, motivational approach and who is an amazing speaker?

Meet 19 year old Jess, who is an Australian Apprenticeship Ambassador, finalist in the National Youth Awards, winner of Young Upstart Entrepreneur under 30 award, Department of Education prize, both her Registered Training Organisation and School VET awards.  Jessica is the lead facilitator for her start-up Career BluePrint and Capability Development Manager for Workforce BluePrint.

Wish Jessica well at the National Youth Awards ceremony on 16 April 2015 and make contact via jessica@careerblueprint.com.au.

Written by Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner and Glenn Tarawa, Business Assistant, Workforce BluePrint, March 2015

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