Bigger international TVET & VET opportunities

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Click on the image above to watch the video with hints and tips on where demand is now and how you might be able to position your products, services and programs.

Hi there

The plan to expand internationally or move into new regions and countries has probably been on your to do list for a little while now.

You may have a couple of programs and resources, or a significant scope with a wide range of products and services that you suspect could have relevance in overseas markets. And it is true that many countries are looking to solve similar skills gaps and workforce issues. But what is relevant where, who do you need to connect with, and how might what you offer need to change?

A first step is to be open to learning about different countries, regions and specific needs, benefiting from many years’ experience, insight, introductions and networks that can be hard to crack.

So if you are ready to:

  • consider international opportunities including strategic links to UN Sustainable Development Goals, regions/countries goals and identify hot spots of possible market demand;
  • scope out potential products and changes that may need to be made for different TVET/VET systems and countries;
  • ensure online presence including social media and all marketing materials include necessary information and appeal to a global audience; and
  • validate existing products and prioritise new product development matched to international demand.

Maybe you’d like to understand a bit more about which out of these regions could be of interest to you:

1.   Eastern and Western Africa

2.   Southern Africa

3.   Eastern Europe and Central Asia

4.   Latin America and Caribbean

5.   Middle East and North Africa

6.   South Asia

7.   East Asia and the Pacific

8.   Europe

9.   North America

Enter your name, email and mobile at the end of the video to access a complimentary ebook series that provides quick reads on different regions and countries TVET/VET systems and priorities.

If international opportunities is something you’d like to explore, feel free to get in touch for a chat on what might best fit your experience, scope and future plans by emailing Wendy Perry via

PS. International opportunities should be something that even the smallest or most remote providers, TVET/VET agencies and leaders, are considering and the timing is right now.

Kind regards

Wendy Perry, Managing Director, Workforce BluePrint

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