Biggest announcement for VET in 20 years

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Thank you Wendy, I appreciate your efforts to keep us informed

Thanks for your video – I can always rely on you to provide the most up to date info on what is happening in the VET world.  Sounds like some major changes are on their way and with a fairly short timeline for implementation if previous reforms are any indicator. Will we have chaos or sound innovation? Will we jettison National standards and mutual recognition? Lots of questions and it will be interesting to see how it all pans out!

You are too funny!!

Wendy Perry video

Thanks Wendy, great form of communication.  Informative and to the point.

Thank you for your email, which I will bring to the attention of the Senator at the earliest opportunity.

Very happy to receive your information and found your short video both engaging and informative.  Big changes afoot.

Thank you for your email in relation to the recent VET sector announcement.  I have forwarded your email to staff in the Department for information.

Thanks for that Wendy,  I await the NEWS….


These were some of the comments after I made 2 videos, 2 weeks apart on what I think is the biggest announcement in VET for 20 years.

From one colleague there were some questions on how this will impact on training providers,

Many thanks for sending this video through – I really enjoyed watching it and hearing more about the Industry Skills Organisations part in the VET reform. 

I hope that the partnerships provide great industry current training packages – but how this affects the training provider, we shall wait and see?

At this stage it does not say much about job pathways, industry projects or validations of training and assessment strategies. For me, these are the crux of our involvement and I want to hear more about how this benefits the employment outcomes for our students. 

Would very much like to catch up with you in future to discuss ways our business can partner better with industry and deliver projects such as the case study you delivered at the NCVER conference. 

And from another very experienced VET colleague these questions,

Thanks Wendy, will there be changes to Training Packages?  For example they are not being eliminated, just done better? Although my contact is now dated, I always believed there was considerable scope for improvement and that the consultation/updating process was too slow.

Is this a big change? Replacing government funded ISCs with government funded skills service organisations?


Here is a copy of the emails with the links to the videos so you can watch them now,

Good morning

I’m not sure how long you have been connected to the VET sector but this week’s announcement is the biggest in 20 years.

Whilst I thought this was something that was going to be revealed 2 weeks ago, perhaps the timing after the Assistant Minister’s recent overseas trip, and moving into the new financial year assists you with budget planning and new product development.

In case you didn’t see the original video then please see the copy of the email below from 6.7.15, and to get the latest news then play this video:


And this email below was released two weeks before,

Hi there

I’ve recorded this pre-emptive video for you on what may be announced tomorrow by Senator Simon Birmingham regarding Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia at the NCVER conference:

Watch for all the details with live tweeting via @waperry and @WorkforcePlan on Twitter plus the Workforce BluePrint Facebook page and join me for further discussion in the Australian VET Leaders LinkedIn Group.

PS. If not tomorrow, then it can’t be too much longer!


For answers to some of the questions raised and to understand the full impact on providers, keep an eye out for a new VET webinar series to be released shortly.

July 2015


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