Challenges and Opportunities: A Closer Look at Entrepreneurship Education in Australia

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Entrepreneurial skills play a key role in building highly-developed economies in this competitive world.  Modernisation, social and financial growth depends on the ability to create future leaders with entrepreneurial skills.  This can include building your own business or taking part in bigger organisations as an intrapreneur, which is an entrepreneur for your employer.  On the whole, it is very important to build entrepreneurial skills across the community and introduce these capabilities into education systems across all levels.

Australia has a social structure that is generally more inclusive than many other countries.  Opportunities are not typically dependent on age, sex, gender or background.  On the other hand, people living in remote areas may still be at a disadvantage, from an education or work perspective, and we need to do more to encourage diversity in terms of cultural backgrounds across entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Regardless of the remarkable growth in entrepreneurship education all over the world, many challenges still remain in Australia.  One of the major challenges is to deal with the mindset where entrepreneurship is either not seen positively or is not properly understood.  Entrepreneurship education can aid in supporting an innovative culture by transforming attitudes and providing essential skills that are needed for every current and future job role.

In some sections of the community and educational landscape, entrepreneurship is struggling to make safe its educational credibility, which can generate difficulties in efforts to integrate entrepreneurship into curriculum and formal training.  Getting the support of educational institutions as well as the leadership team, which are often the key funding resources, is critical.  As a result, entrepreneurial leaders sometimes struggle for support and funds regarding new initiatives, programs and activities.

The field of entrepreneurship education is still comparatively new so it is vital that public support, employer and student demand is maintained until entrepreneurship is embedded across schools, VET Training Packages and University curriculum.  Many innovative models are being tested, which must engage more extensively with entrepreneurial educators, startups, entrepreneurs, business and industry.

At this time, entrepreneurship is becoming very important to solve crucial local, national and worldwide challenges.  Implanting entrepreneurship in world-class education is the first main step towards building the next innovative wave of entrepreneurs throughout Australia.

If you would like to learn more about applying a real world problem solving methodology and entrepreneurial education, please reach out by emailing Wendy Perry, Managing Director, Workforce BluePrint, email:

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