Confident Conversations in VET Practice for Teaching, Learning and Assessment

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It is clear that the depth, nature and style of ASQA audits is changing. You can see evidence of this across local institutions as well as those in states like South Australia. And you must have considered, what would happen if we had a snap audit, or found our staff and students being asked questions by an auditor that they couldn’t answer?

There are many examples of all types of providers, including some that were real surprises, where not enough attention is being paid to assessment capability, learning resources and assessment tools, professional development and the people aspects of running a successful Registered Training Organisation.

RTO Leaders Lunch

Having run the RTO Leaders’ Lunch – don’t make the same audit mistakes others with Chatham House Rule in Melbourne and Sydney with Audit Express,  it is clear that there are capability gaps in assessment practice, industry validation and real work environments.  Insights were shared on what would happen if you are audited like others have been recently, what can be learnt from past mistakes and the subsequent crisis, and the priorities to pay attention for your next audit with the next RTO Leaders Lunch in Adelaide on 20 June 2018 from 12 – 2 pm at Quality Training & Hospitality College in Wayville, South Australia.


  • Ask what might you be missing or not paying enough attention too?
  • Get across the changing nature of ASQA audits
  • Imagine the potential headline that your audit results might make
  • Realise the return on investment in your staff, their preparation and development
  • Understand what are the mistakes that others make, not just in their audit but in day to day practices
  • Work through the likely questions put to your team and how you can determine their readiness, capability level and commitment to good outcomes for students

This event is for people who are contributing to RTO audit results – TAFE Directors, RTO Leaders and Managers, VET Quality Assurance, Human Resources, Learning and Development, and Administration staff.  Based on demand, the lunch can be run in Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart and Perth or a regional location so if you’d like to see this event near you please email

Confident Conversations to support the RTO re-registration process

If you believe it is important to get great VET outcomes for students and not only for students, but for industry and employers to have a supply of confident and capable people to fill the jobs in their organisations, then consider booking a 1 day professional development workshop on this topic or a 2 hour group coaching and mentoring session for your team.

There has been much bad news in the Australian VET sector lately but the good news is that there are plenty of people that are committed to improving VET and the student experience, as well as Training Package and qualification relevance, employer and industry engagement.  I know this is the case because when we decided that was happening at TAFESA needed to be exposed we heard from countless people in VET who really care, emails, people watching videos, talking about it at events and on social media.

There are many people who want to know and keep on top of what has happened… this is probably one of the reasons that you would book in your 1 day (9.30 am – 4.00 pm) intensive PD session now.  Because you are fortunate enough to work for an organisation who wants to make sure that you are not going to be embarrassed when you get audited. Your organisation wants to make sure that you get the professional development so that you can talk to an auditor with confidence.

And the timing of this is really important because it is only just around the corner.  And it is going to be brutal.

The Professional Development Workshop facilitated by Wendy Perry, Workforce Blueprint, to support the RTO re-registration process covers:

  • Welcome and introduction
  • The broad VET landscape
  • Learnings from TAFESA
  • Conversation coaching and mentoring
  • Walk the floor – Conversations with team members
  • Action Plan – Strategies to maintain compliance

Can your staff confidently answer the following questions on Teaching, Learning and Assessment Practice?  It not you could be in trouble!

How do you fix it?  Book in your 1 day intensive PD session now or a 2 hour group coaching and mentoring session for your team via this link or contact Wendy Perry via

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