Did you know humans rank websites for search engines? What will happen when they rank yours?

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If you are looking to improve your websites search ranking, who do you listen too?  The best person would be someone who is currently doing this ranking – right?

To help you understand how human input guides search engine results, and the ranking of your website by the likes of Google and Bing, we have an incredible opportunity.  You won’t be left wondering, “what do I need to do to get the search engines to like my site?”

Get inside the mind of the Web Judge himself (real identify protected) to understand his judging process, what he is looking for, do’s, don’ts, hints and tips.

Join us for this upcoming webinar and book your place now – here are all the details:

Date: 21.8.13

Time: 12.30 pm AEST (use the TimeAndDate Meeting Planner to help you synchronise watches and calendars)

Duration: 1 hour

Description: Hear how your website content, and specific components of your website, influences how you are judged by those humans working behind the scenes for the major search engines.  See how you can improve your search result relevance, credibility and the content of your website with practical examples and advice.

Audience: Business Development Consultants and Commercial Managers; Marketers, Web and Social Media Experts, Business Owners and Managers; Economic Development and Business Advisers; Human Resource, E-learning and VET Professionals.

Hosted by: Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint with guest Web Judge

Investment: $60+GST/person

Book in now.

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