Future World of Work Tour in Melbourne

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A few steps, stairs, conversations & explosion of ideas, with a number of participants coming in from regional areas for the tour to explore education, entrepreneurship, employment, innovation, intrapreneurship, local government and youth.

“Fantastic”, “loved it” & “inspirational” were all comments from the Future World of Work Tour participants across Melbourne on 13 December 2018.  Thanks go to Pitcher Partners, Enterprising Partnerships, KPMG, Mail Exchange Hotel, YBF Ventures, Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) & Outcome.Life for hosting stops.  Industry leaders said,

“I really did enjoy the day – much to reflect on.  I also appreciated the collection of people both on the tour and at the various organisations, very inspiring.”

“Thanks Wendy for a great tour. So much information, I’m still processing some of it.”

Hosts enjoyed the tour too,

“Thanks Wendy – it was our pleasure.”

“It was a pleasure to welcome the Future World of Work Tour participants to YBF – that hour soared by. If we can be of any help in the New Year, please let me know; we would love to welcome you back!”

Everybody talks about the future world of work but the reality is many of the skills that young people need in the workplace are here NOW.  Capabilities such as an entrepreneurial mindset (whether it is exploring your own business ideas, applying an entrepreneurial approach as an employee (as an intrapreneur), and/or for social good) are all vital skills to learn.  These are also skills needed to be successful in many school programs.

Melbourne is a hot bed of employment and entrepreneurial activity but it is often difficult to really understand what is happening, who is involved and how it relates to education.  The Future World of Work Tour across the city demonstrates where authentic STEM is in current and future jobs, connects participants to coworking spaces and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, introduces people to leading businesses, local and global employers, and educational institutions all developing skills for future and current jobs.

If you’d like to go on the first tour for 2019 please email wendy@wb.switchstartscale.com.au.

PS. You can also check out the photos on social media here: https://www.facebook.com/WorkforcePlanningTools/ 

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