Gold-worthy workforce planning for 30,000 jobs: 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

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Watch out Australia – the Commonwealth Games are coming to the Gold Coast in 2018!  Not only are the Games an opportunity to showcase to the world the wonders and hospitality of Australian culture, but will also provide a major economic and occupational boost to the country.

According to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation, the vision and mission for the 2018 Commonwealth Games is to conduct an athlete focused Commonwealth Games with excellent competition in a fun and friendly environment with long lasting benefits for the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and the Commonwealth.

So where are the opportunities for entrepreneurs, small and medium sized enterprises, and service providers?


Quick Statistics

?      $2 billion economic impact

?      $200 million in new sporting and community infrastructure

?      30,000 FTE jobs

?      Global exposure to a television audience of 1 billion+

?      Major tourism boost with 100,000+ visitors during GC2018 and $270 million+ to state/local economy (based on figures from the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games).

?      Attraction of other major sporting events, such as 2014 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships

?      National and international sports training camps

?      Public domain improvements, upgrades to Southport and Broadbeach Malls, tree planting, street-scaping, road and footpath upgrades, community health and safety initiatives

?      Volunteering opportunities


Economic opportunity

CEO of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation, Mark Peters says the economic injection from the games will near $2 billion.

“Overall, business will benefit from enhanced economic opportunities and there will be improvements to the city’s transport infrastructure which again, will provide benefits to the local economy,” he says.

“A number of our key industries such as hospitality, tourism and retail will receive a boost through visitor spending.”

Pre-games spend by athletes and officials is estimated to stand at $3.26 million alone.

“The appointment of a business community consultative committee is indicative of our desire to engage the community at large and ensure the social legacy and opportunities the event offers are maximised,” Peters says.

Opportunities for business are outlined in this video: Ahead of the Games

Collaboration is key

The success of the Commonwealth Games relies heavily on the cooperation, collaboration and contribution of key partners, community organisations, sponsors and volunteers.  Managing such stakeholders to ensure optimum outcomes are reached, workforce strategy and planning must be implemented effectively.

“We will continue to work collaboratively with our Government partners in the coming months and have already spent considerable time working with them on roles and responsibilities,” says Mark Peters, CEO of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation.

“It is through the effective harnessing of all resources and collaborative partnerships that we will deliver a great event in 2018.”

Innovation opportunities for business & other providers

Based on the critical need for collaboration and partnerships with local business, educators and providers, Workforce BluePrint have highlighted a number a key ideas for Gold Coast stakeholders to engage with the Commonwealth Games in order to maximise economic potential.

  • Position [by demonstration] as the leading workforce development provider for the Commonwealth Games.
  • Focus on micro and small and medium size enterprise solutions including supporting pop-ups.
  • Apply lean start-up methodology to existing businesses to transform them and unlock student expertise (i.e. money can’t buy vocational placement experience); build corporate teams including intrapreneurs (e.g. council, TAFE); not for profits and social enterprises; working on real world problems; using equipment, facilities and plant.
  • Version of Start-up Weekend or BO$$ camp with a Commonwealth Games theme, incorporating gamification and possibly utilising a TAFE or University Campus.
  • Access to student resources for video production, access to studios, recording, editing, TV, apps, design, branding, marketing, and product development.
  • Solve problems for the Commonwealth Games organisers and the business ecosystem/supply chain.
  • Target for start-up or spun out businesses from the Commonwealth Games; diversification of income for SME’s; number of Commonwealth Games businesses born.
  • Virtual market/labour exchange for the Commonwealth Games

Workforce BluePrint takes an innovative and thorough approach to developing workforce plans for large scale events, organisations and regions.  If you would like to get in touch, contact Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner at

June 2015

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