Growth Hack Challenges – express your interest, video for challenges and how the experience works

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In the week of 2 December 2019, 3 Growth Hack events are being run at:
1. Brighton Secondary School with year 10s over Monday – Friday  Read more>
2. Banksia Park International High School with year 8-9s over Monday – Tuesday
3.  Banksia Park International High School with year 6-7s over Thursday – Friday Read more>
You are invited to pitch challenges (1 or more, up to you) either in person or via video, and please watch this video on how to do your own video challenge plus this quick clip on how the growth hacks work.   Alongside real world learning for students, you’ll get new ideas and work done on your challenges that might normally take weeks or months.  Challenges for younger students like new events/festivals, flavours, products, programs and/or prototypes would be great and you can express your interest and ideas via this Google form.
Your challenges might be suitable for a certain age group and/or location so please let me know what you think will work best, record your challenges via video and email or text them to me by the end of this week, and reach out if you have any questions, would like to mentor or be a judge.
You’ve sent through a few questions about how it works and logistics so please watch this video – How does the Growth Hack work.
In case you can’t make it to the morning day 1 sessions where businesses are pitching, and also as a back up in case anything happens on the day, please record your challenges via video and email or text them to me by the end of this week.  This short video explains what needs to be covered and a couple of tips – make the challenges interesting, think what would year 10s, 8-9s and 6-7s be interested in as well as how this helps you, and consider chunking up the idea without giving them the solution as this is all part of the real world learning.
You can record multiple challenges which might be aimed at different age groups and/or problems and if you need help shaping up the challenges then please reach out via, thank you.

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