How do you get an international context to your work and global opportunities?

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Recently an interview on The InShow podcast, together with current projects taking us from the Pacific and East  Asia to South Asia, exploring international capacity and capability development opportunities for our Australian and New Zealand clients prompted a reflection on… well how do you get an international context to your work?

These 10 tips (plus a bonus one) will work from whatever context or country you are based in as many are related to demonstrating your credibility, reputation and experience.

So here they are starting with a couple of simple tasks that are logical and practical:

  1. Add international codes to phone numbers and Skype ID onto your website, email signatures and social media;
  2. Ask your team if they have any international connections, experience and/or potential partners that you could work with;
  3. Capture video based testimonials from your diverse clients, customers and students;
  4. Check that all social media channels are included on your websites and in email signatures;
  5. Consider participating and presenting at international conferences as a thought leader sharing practical examples;
  6. Engage an SEO service and/or set up Google alerts to help your google ranking on key terms and sourcing of social media content;
  7. Ensure your LinkedIn profile (and everyone in your team) is fully completed a with current head shot as many international clients will use LinkedIn as a way to validate you;
  8. Install a language translator plugin on your websites;
  9. Join relevant countries Chambers of Commerce for networking and connections;
  10. Make connection with Austrade (or the equivalent in your country as these agencies hold many events and share opportunities via email), Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and your state/territory government department focus on export and trade.

This is just a starting point and you can have all of the research done for you on international opportunities and countries or regions to focus on.  Maria Smith asked for practical advice, introductions and specific insights captured in an action plan with priorities and a presentation to share with your team.  She described the comprehensive presentation, report and research we undertook for her organisation and team, on international opportunities across the Asia Pacific region as, “A dream come true”.

And that bonus tip, to get extraordinary work across all corners of the globe, is “Put the global impact aim into your strategic plan and start communicating your goals and people will open up doors for you.:

If you want to be like Maria, positioning yourself and your organisation internationally, please email so we can have a chat or make a time to meet and discuss your plan for global impact in 2018.

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