How hiring apprentices helps your business to grow

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Want to grow your business?

Businesses often talk about being focussed on growth, and people talk about being busy, but how can you grow your business cost effectively and sustainably?

Glenn TarawaThere is a well-kept secret to expanding your human resources support.  What is it?  Well it’s hiring an apprentice or trainee to automate and organise your business and your life.

In this blog you’ll discover all of the benefits to hiring an apprentice or trainee and we’ll focus specifically on the benefits of hiring a School Based Apprentice (SBA).

Defining the difference between an apprentice, a trainee and a School Based Apprentice

Okay, so you’ve decided that you’ve got a number of tasks that are repetitive, online or tech based and you want to hire an apprentice or trainee.

Firstly let’s define the difference as although the terms may sound similar, they are different.  An apprentice is someone who is trained in a skill trade and upon completion the apprentice becomes a qualified tradesperson.  A trainee is someone who is being trained in a non-trade qualification and School Based Apprentices can be employed in trade or non-trade areas.

Generally for SBA’s they spend 1 day a week in the business and complete a qualification matched to their job role.

The benefits of hiring an apprentice or trainee for your business

Australian Apprenticeships are flexible and easy if you know who to contact to arrange the Contract of Training.  Generally this involves working with an Australian Apprenticeship Centre, choosing a Registered Training Organisation and of course your new employee.

School Based Apprentices’ can offer insight into fields you may not understand and hiring an SBA can help prepare your business for growth.  Think about it like this – if you own a small business there are probably lots of tasks that you could ‘fire’ yourself from.  With an SBA taking care of all of these tasks then you can focus on leadership and strategy.

Essentially hiring a SBA could be the key to your success and work life balance.  Hiring an apprentice/trainee is good for you and your business, but did you know that it’s also good for your employees?  Existing staff gain valuable lessons in training, supervision and fresh input with new ideas.

What about the benefits for the apprentices/trainees?

An opportunity with a business like yours can entirely change a young person’s life whilst providing them with an income.

SBA’s gain new skills through their work and training, whilst being paid for their time.  They also get to improve their resume and develop as an individual.  Your business can offer a SBA opportunities to gain skills that a school couldn’t offer, and it’s entirely hands on.

Your new employee will gain an inside perspective on potential areas for their career which would otherwise be hard to obtain.  You are essentially giving them a map through the abyss that is finding a job in their desired field.

How do I employ a trainee/apprentice?

When deciding to hire a SBA, it’s important to have a good idea of what you can offer them and what they can offer your business.  To employ an apprentice or trainee directly, your business must arrange supervision and training support plus in most states/territories you need to be an approved employer.

Written by Glenn Tarawa and Wendy Perry, February 2015.

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