International Students Helping Out Local Businesses

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International students from SuniTAFE participated in the Real Day Out Mildura where they solved problems for businesses and stops including ABC Mildura Swan Hill, Arts Mildura, Andy’s Kitchen, Dried Fruits Australia, Hands Up Mallee – Sunraysia Community Health Services , Mildura Visitors Info Centre, Mildura Grand, Mildura Regional Development and Northern Mallee Leaders.


Featured in Sunraysia Daily on Saturday 1 December 2018, challenges included how to promote Mildura and Sunraysia as an innovative region, particularly in relation to agtech and precision horticulture, attracting global attention, investment and visitors.

The Real Day Out provided opportunities to tap into the latent talent that international students hold about their home countries, markets and cultural differences.  Employers benefited significantly from this insight and gained many ideas that they can implement over the short and longer term.

“There are so many more Victorian organisations now thinking about or expanding their export efforts, and operating with a global mind set.  Whether it is about exploring a specific market, researching product and market fit, or considering ways to increase the length of stay in Melbourne, Mildura and Victoria for overseas tourists.  All of these challenges require specific knowledge and experience which is where international students can really add value.  And the Real Day Out balances problem solving for employers and industry with an immersive learning experience for students.  Students not only gain insight into different sectors and organisations, but also have the opportunity to make direct connections with employers and student peers.  It is practical, intensive, work-based learning for the 21st Century”, explains Wendy Perry, Managing Director, Workforce BluePrint.

For the students participating, think ‘Amazing Race’ crossed with a career fair, student teams meet with employers, entrepreneurs, government and industry representatives throughout the day, navigating to ‘stops’ where they work on challenges and learn more about careers.

“The Victorian TAFE network, supported by Study Melbourne, is delighted to offer our international students and business community the mutually beneficial Real Day Out program.  The Real Day Out supports closer ties between our valued partners in industry and our students from over 70 countries worldwide who have so many valuable skills to offer,” says Helen Kronberger, Director Victorian TAFE International at Victorian TAFE Association.

A celebration of the day and networking was held at Fosseys Gin with employers and industry guests.  For a Real Day Out run in your region into 2019 please reach out to Wendy Perry via

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