Is your workforce holding back future business growth?

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Would you agree that to grow and expand your business whilst increasing profitability you need to have your workforce on board with your targets and future plans?

And you may be experiencing tension between shifts, team members or managers.  Perhaps job roles and reporting is unclear or behaviour and performance is left unchecked and the management team are not aligned?  Maybe you are an alliance of companies, perhaps in a regional location or industry sector, and a skilled local workforce is critical for your growth.

And what you really need to grow the business or region, considering export opportunities, is a switched on team, happy to suggest new ideas or products and better ways of doing things.  Able to deal with customer complaints and turn them into fans, with pride to say you work here and in non-metro locations particularly, a pool of local skilled people to draw upon.

Could it be time to get your Human Resource infrastructure sorted, and/or the evidence of the type of workforce you really need, and understand the skills needs to achieve your KPIs with production and sales targets?

Here are 9 tips on how to ensure that your workforce is not holding back future business growth:

  1. Start with the basics – get your employee files and contracts up to date and up to scratch.
  2. Review job descriptions – does every role have one, are they current and do they include tasks and responsibilities, values and behaviours, KPI’s and skills to support business growth?
  3. Interview staff including management and survey your employees – do you really know what your workforce is thinking? What ideas might they have for improvements?  Where might you need to focus your attention to fix the HR stuff and are people proud to work here?
  4. Implement an employee performance review system – at least annually to look at evidence of demonstrating values and behaviours, KPI’s and targets, skills and development needs.
  5. Benchmark salaries for the management team – you’ll never know otherwise if what you are paying is a problem for you in terms of attracting the best people and make it transparent so the team knows where they stand.
  6. Undertake a skills audit – identify the skills required for the job and then ask employees to self-assess identifying where they need development, where they are skilled and competent, where they have strengths and could develop others.
  7. Compare your social media activity against your competitors – where are you ahead? What works well for engagement and where could you dominate?  Consider how social media could support business growth and new products especially if you are targeting the next generation.  Also if you are expanding internationally do all of your key team members have a social media profile?
  8. Develop a workforce action plan based upon what you have found – where there are gaps or issues, what you are going to do about it, by when and who is responsible.
  9. Look for practical help, tools and templates with an approach that is open, honest and positive.

So if you want a workforce who understands your future plans, communicates honestly and openly, and you want confidence in being able to recruit new, skilled employees especially in regional locations, please feel free to make contact for a phone chat by emailing or call Wendy on 0416 150 491.

November 2015

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