It’s an interesting time in VET in Australia – which you must know but…

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This blog post is full of VET insights from working with government, Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s), employers and enterprises, industry associations, regions and communities.  And how to flip risks into opportunities, making sure you are ahead of the game.

I was asked by a number of people to pull together everything that you need to know about VET reform, changes and workforce development opportunities available right here, right now so whilst the email is a little long, it’s got anything covered.

This is information that every person working in the VET sector must know so please feel comfortable to forward this email and where you may upload to your website or post to your social media channels, please acknowledge the source.  Thank you.

Above all else, remember that what you do impacts positively on people’s lives and workforces.VET graduation

Transforming your Future: flip risks into opportunities and build new capabilities for future growth

This was the title of a breakout session presented by Wendy Perry at the 2013 NSW ITAB’s Conference focussed on Building quality VET & industry partnerships for Workforce Development and titled Your State: Your Workforce: Your Future.

The main message was to TAKE ACTION and if someone was to ask you in 3, 6, 12 months or 3 years’ time, how did you manage these changes, the reform, how did you build such a great approach, you would say, “I took action to build a workforce that my organisation is proud of… and an organisation that the workforce is proud to be a part of.”  That’s the impact that I want to have on you.

Comments from the audience and online included things like:

 “…loved your presentation at the ITAB conference in Sydney yesterday – well done Wendy!”

“Great day at the ITAB conference today.  Loved Wendy @waperry – inspirational”

Here’s a link to the presentation that you are welcome to download plus you’ll find links throughout this email to development opportunities and recent blog posts on the implementation of the national entitlement model in different states and territories.

Coach to achieve outcomes

Having a coach to achieve outcomes is really important, someone who does what you want to do extremely well.  One of my coaches is Andy Harrington who runs the best public speaking development program I have ever attended (view my video testimonial).

Book your place for Speakers University in Melbourne (29.11.13 – 1.12.13) or Sydney (23-25.5.14) with a special 2 for 1 offer of $1997 (back in June I paid double this price).

Do you want to build a workforce plan before Christmas?  Expressions of interest for the 6 week coaching Workforce Planners Program including access to the Workforce Plan Generator are being accepted now – follow this link for all the details including a significant discount just for you.

National Funding Update webinar – 21.11.13 – book your place now before it sells out!

Register for the National Funding Update webinar covering Commonwealth, State and Territory funding opportunities and make sure you are up to date with all the latest announcements and changes.  If you can’t make the live session don’t worry, register and we’ll send you the recording to watch and listen in your own time.

VET Strategy and Planning sessions

If you want to be good at being ahead of the VET game and transforming your workforce then email for a customised VET Strategy session for your organisation either online or face to face.

With the new Coalition government, skills reform in every state and territory, changes to regulation and a shifting market, you need to be ahead of the game.  I’ll reveal where I think governments will focus their priorities and how you can position yourselves to build long term industry partnerships.

Future RTO Program

WPAA, in collaboration with leaders in VET from Australia, is seeking expressions of interest from organisations and participants who want to participate in the Future RTO coaching program from January 2014.  This program will focus on The Future RTO – diversify, niche, collaborate or die!

If you agree that the VET environment is changing rapidly and if you also think that RTO’s need to be more innovative than ever then register your interest for this program via

Connect with VET colleagues

Are you a member of the largest Australian VET Leadership group (5300+ members) on LinkedIn?  Join the Australian VET Leaders for all the latest announcements, news and professional views plus the Workforce Planning Tools group if you are interested in workforce development and planning.

So what is going on in the Australian VET landscape?

Smart and Skilled (NSW) – ready or not?

This blog post was written in the lead up to the 2013 NSW ITAB’s Conference, where VET Strategist and Head Workforce Planner Wendy Perry was on a panel with David Collins, General Manager, State Training Services, NSW Department of Education and Communities; Peter Roberts, Institute Director, South Western Sydney Institute TAFE NSW; John Churchill, Executive Officer, ERTOA; Robert Parsonson, NSW Executive Officer, ACPET; all hosted by Melinda Larkin, NSW Executive Officer, Service Skills Australia.

What did people say about the article?

“An excellent read.  I love the last paragraph.”

“An excellent article and review of the present stats of the NSW VET market place.”

“… great blog post Wendy”

“This is perhaps the best overview on Smart & Skilled I have seen…”

Follow the link above, read it for yourself and please post your comments.

Rate your Training (VIC)

Victoria has launched a new website to rate training providers in Victoria using a 5 star rating system against 15 criteria.

Skills for All to Skills for Jobs (SA)

With the shift in lingo, what are the main components of Skills for All to Skills for Jobs?  Follow the link above to this blog post for all the details.

Skills in the Workplace applications close at 5pm on Monday 11 November 2013 so if you are looking for a leading workforce development and planning partner then please get in touch via email NOW.

Skills Tasmania – evidence based approach

Colleagues from Tasmania are working away in a practical, pragmatic way to identify workforce priorities and training needs for the state and to influence national programs and initiatives.  Whilst new evidence is being collected through consultations and forums, Tasmania’s current approach to priorities for training and workforce development are outlined here.

Investing in Skills (QLD) – practical or too complex?

Future Skills (WA) – forward looking?

National picture – what will be the impact from the Commission of Audit?  And the National entitlement?  As well as the upcoming COAG meeting?  What do I really think?  Register for the National Funding Update webinar and you’ll find out!

You want to stay ahead right?  These upcoming webinars will do just that:

National Telework Week Free Webinar – Leading and Managing People from Anywhere 19.11.13

Which social media sites best support collaborative learning? 29.11.13

How can implementing workplace online training support thin training markets? 29.11.13

Top 10 tips for safely running your business online 3.12.13

If you are looking for a great key note speaker, MC or independent facilitator then please follow this link:

Thanks for your interest and please connect with me online, I hope you have found this information useful and I know you’ll let your colleagues in on the insights too.

Written by Wendy Perry, VET Strategist, WPAA, 6 November 2013.

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