Key messages from the Group Training Association of Victoria’s STATE CONFERENCE

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Shepparton 19-20 June 2014 #GTAVCONFERENCE

Recently I had the pleasure of MCing the GTAV State Conference with welcoming colleagues and an interesting agenda.

GTAV Chair, Dean Luciani welcomed participants and then handed over to me to open the conference and introduce the speakers.

Throughout the conference I tweeted key messages and insights as captured below.

Group Training

Shadow Minister Steven Herbert, Shadow Minister for Higher Education and Skills, Shadow Minister for the Teaching Profession outlined his party’s approach to VET and Australia Apprentices,

Group training = cooperation & you have a friend in me says @SteveHerbertMP #GTAVCONFERENCE

Priorities for the Victorian training system – skills 2 get a job, new or better job, industry grow & thrive @SteveHerbertMP #GTAVCONFERENCE

VET quality assurance should help #rtos improve what they do – teaching, learning, assessment #proactive @SteveHerbertMP #GTAVCONFERENCE

Andrew Lalor, General Manager – Australian Apprenticeships Branch, Department of Industry covered what we might expect into the future,

VET system sneezes & #AustralianApprenticeships catches a cold #andrewlalor #departmentofindustry #GTAVCONFERENCE

Policy considerations are deregulation, entrepreneurship, tech & innovation, competitive advantage, support 4 job creation #GTAVCONFERENCE

Industry skills fund focuses on areas of growth for businesses & Australia, untapped markets, new competitive industries #GTAVCONFERENCE

Magic between in & offthejob training, #transformational power of situated learning #apprenticeships #departmentofindustry #GTAVCONFERENCE

Highlighting the work of GTAV, Executive Director, Gary Workman @gtavic provided an update on the Victorian landscape & #Budget2014 #GTACONFERENCE.

Jim Barron, CEO of GTA National reinforced the value of group training organisations,

Core rational of #gto‘s is a labour market intervention working with host employers – human element critical @GTAltd

An ASQA update by Les Comley, Principal Compliance Auditor differentiated RTO’s into 4 categories,

Cooperative compliance #asqa high – low risk = gamers, don’t understand, good but sometimes miss, good & always meet

Assessment, trainers’ competence & industry currency, qualifications, fraud protection & marketing are audit hot spots #asqa #GTAVCONFERENCE

A regulation update by Denver Blake from VRQA indicated where disputes are most likely,

Partnership #vrqa @fairwork_gov_au @deecd #commonwealth #worksafevic common #apprenticeship issues #GTAVCONFERENCE

Growing number of disputes over the competency based completion process – sign off re competent vs. training finished #vrqa #GTAVCONFERENCE

Traineeships declined in Victoria 35% from 2012-13, in shortage & specialised occupations rising, 41/100 % in 2013 @deecd #GTAVCONFERENCE

I received a lovely local produce gift for mc’ing & presenting working collaboratively & thinking outside the box #GTAVCONFERENCE– thank you GTAV.

At the Conference Dinner recognition for Miles the gentleman of #grouptraining #workforce productivity beyond the max! #GTAVCONFERENCE @gtavic, was a great way to celebrate the work of people in Group Training Organisations.

A workshop on Successful Partnerships for Employment, Growth and Workforce Development provided leaders with an opportunity to reflect on their current approach and consider a system to apply into the future.

Written by Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint, July 2014.

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