Live Learn Earn – new initiatives for Young People plus Australian Apprenticeships

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The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP has announced two new programs for young unemployed people:

  • $38 million for Training for Employment Scholarship
  • 3000 places Youth Employment Pathways programmes

With a total of $44 million all up for both initiatives as well as $200 million/year for a new Australian Apprenticeship Support Network to lift apprenticeship completion rates

“Every space in skills, training, group training and Apprenticeships will become more competitive”, says The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP.

There is more reform to come, maybe even a name change to something like the Australian Industry Skills System where employer, industry, employment services and Registered Training Organisation partnerships will be key.

Training for Employment Scholarships

The emphasis here is, “…about the training needs of employees in the hands of those employers who are willing to give a young Australian a job.”

First with a pilot and then a review the aim is to, “…help reduce youth unemployment in regional Australia and encourage employers to take on more young people.”

“From 1 March 2015, small to medium businesses who hire an unemployed person aged 18-24 will be eligible to receive funding to pay for up-to 26 weeks of training.”

Described as a light traineeship the training could include entry levels skills, mandatory requirements or licences and job specific skills with access through the Industry Skills Fund and Single Business Service Centre within AusIndustry, from 1 March 2015.

Youth Employment Pathways

A new approach to support disengaged youth in regional areas to make the transition to work this initiative will also be trialled and consider training that moves young people back to school, into vocational training and/or the workforce.

“From 1 March 2015, community organisations will be able to apply for funding to deliver support services to a person aged 15-18 who is not in school.”

A Youth Employment Pathway training plan will be designed on a case-by-case basis so this looks more like a case management model moving disengaged youth into the pathway that fits for them.

For further information see the Industry Skills Fund – youth streams fact sheet PDF 41KB | DOCX 646KB, Progress to date page and FaQs.

The new Australian Apprenticeships Support Network

There will be new arrangements delivery of support to Australian Apprentices and their employers from 1 July 2015.

“The new Network will deliver targeted advice and support at the right time at all points of the apprenticeship cycle – from pre-commencement to completion – to help ensure employers and apprentices make well-informed decisions and remain engaged in the apprenticeship relationship to completion.”

Keep an eye out for the tender and see the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network factsheet PDF 45KB | DOCX 646KB, Progress to date page and FaQs.


Another area that needs to be encouraged far greater is entrepreneurship from starting your own business to being an intrapreneur and/or a social entrepreneur.

There are some emerging programs that do this well like the Young Entrepreneurs Spark Program facilitated by Hub Australia, Junior Venture Dorm, 1625, Startup Kids weekend held recently in Brisbane and BO$$ camp running next week in Adelaide.

What else?

Look out for what is likely to happen with #Employment Services from 1 July 2015 $5.1 billion of investment read the Exposure Draft here

This, “…represents a fundamental shift in the design and delivery of employment services, ensuring services to Job Seekers better meet the needs of employers.”

VET in schools is undergoing review and I’d like to see it more flexible with a pick and mix approach so young people can gain skills breadth as well as skills depth.  School Based Apprenticeships are in my view the best way to combine secondary schooling with vocational skills and gaining an understanding of workforce expectations and experience.

What I would like to see…

What I would like to see is initiatives designed with employers and young people in mind.

An approach that starts with the end goal and considers the motivation as the starting point like:

  • getting an after school job
  • getting a first job, gaining an apprenticeship
  • gaining vocational skills whilst at school either through VET in schools or a school based apprenticeship, and
  • starting your own business.

I believe that it is important to know the skills required for contemporary job roles and map thee skills to relevant units of competency where they fit and/or support the acquisition of emerging skills.

Written by Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint, October 2014.

Register for the upcoming webinar on VET Reform and Priorities – don’t be the only one left behind.

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