Live on Twitter in 2 hours time for TVET Chat with Europe on 21st Century Skills

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Hi there

At 9.00 pm tonight ADST (in 2 hours time from now), which is South Australian time, be on Twitter and follow #TVETChat for a live discussion on 21st Century Skills as part of the European Vocational Skills Week.

Let’s see how similar or different our views are across the world on what are those 21st Century skills, how they can be developed, and which countries are leading the way?

Tweet your questions, responses, examples, experiences and links with #TVETChat, favourite and retweet on the thread to show your interest in this topic, plus tag those people you’d like to take notice. See you on Twitter shortly!

PS. Need to check the world clock? Here is a link to know what time to be ready to go!

?Kind regards

Wendy Perry, Managing Director, Workforce BluePrint

Developing 21st Century Workforces and World-class VET systems

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