Pitch for Partners and Open Mic Night on 31 October 2018 from 5.30-7.30 pm

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Pitch for Partners and Open Mic Night

Across business and community, education and employment, entrepreneurship and industry, government and intergenerational opportunities, startups, STEM and sustainability, there are many untapped opportunities to pitch for partners.

Identify who you would like to collaborate with, that is your ideal potential customers and suppliers, introduction and referrals, projects and resources, then pitch in a relaxed setting with targeted networking.

This is your invitation to:

  • Explore connections with your interests, passions and/or work;
  • Hear about a diverse range of potential partners in our local region;
  • Meet people from a variety of backgrounds, organisations and projects;
  • Network over drinks and nibbles; and
  • Put together innovative and powerful partnerships.

Date: Wednesday 31 October 2018

Time: 5.30 – 7.30 pm

Venue: Crown Inn, Old South Road, Old Reynella SA 5161

Tickets: $33/person including 2 drinks and cocktail food

If you’d like to pitch at this event please email wendy@workforceblueprint.com.au or call 0416 150 491, thankyou.

?Kind regards

Wendy Perry, Managing Director, Workforce BluePrint

Developing 21st Century Workforces and World-class VET systems

?+61 416 150 491 | +61 8387 9800

wendy@workforceblueprint.com.au | www.workforceblueprint.com.au





  /WendyPerry /Workforce-BluePrint

  @waperry @WorkforcePlan

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