Building Partnerships to Promote Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Economic Development


As many countries and regions face challenges to address unemployment, create new jobs, encourage engagement, and better match training provision to employer and industry needs, entrepreneurship must be a core capability and policy consideration.

Positioned as developing an entrepreneurial mind-set this includes generating new ideas, being an entrepreneur for your employer (intrapreneurship), or working on social innovations.  Entrepreneurship is one of the 21st Century capabilities, alongside 8 other capabilities, all required for future jobs and sustainable careers.

Who is doing this well, where are the best practice examples, what is possible, and how does this work for government policy, systems, teaching and learning practice, and products?

Explore what is working well now, and where you might take this into the future, using a lean start-up methodology with discussion on opportunities for women, people with disabilities, young people, current and future employees, and students across every level and industry sector.

Delivered as an online session, half day or day long workshop, please reach out via  to discuss your needs.


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