Designing Entrepreneurial Learning Opportunities webinar or face to face (1 hour)


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An entrepreneurial mindset is a way of thinking, learning and problem solving that is required for every career and job role.

And you might be thinking that this is only about starting a business or making money but being an intrapreneur or a social innovator are important pathways too.  In fact, all employers and industry sectors describe skills that they need for current and future jobs with entrepreneurial capabilities being a number one priority.

Applying these capabilities builds confidence, creativity and continuous improvement plus action to be accountable, decisive, resilience and humility, but how do you do it?  And how do you design opportunities within an education setting that are based upon entrepreneurial learning?

In this workshop led by Entrepreneurship Facilitator and Education Specialist, Wendy Perry, you will:

  • Explore connections between entrepreneurial capabilities and the areas that you teach
  • Consider underpinning education models and theories such as real world problem based and scenario based learning
  • Hear about local, national and international examples of immersive entrepreneurial learning experiences working with students across various age and year levels
  • Connections with business, industry and the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Develop the outline for an entrepreneurial learning experience that you can run with your students
  • Understand what you might need from a practical and logistical perspective to get thing up and running plus validate with your students

If you have ideas in mind, something you’ve already run or are working on, please bring those opportunities to this practical session.


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