How to Capture Client Testimonials and Other Videos Workshop


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Would you like to build credibility without coming across like you are blowing your own trumpet?

Without having to deploy high pressure sales techniques, without over promising or throwing in offers just to win sales, or do work for nothing just to prove yourself.

Perhaps you need to consider capturing and creating, compelling video based customer testimonials and video content that highlights you as an expert.

In this workshop you will understand why you need to stop selling yourself.

Even though in the past you have probably been told, “You have to sell yourself!”, maybe it is time to think about who the most important person in the conversation is. Realising the importance of your customer in the conversation, you will not be surprised at how much better your past clients can be at selling your new clients on you.

The reason is that many client testimonials are ineffective.

If you leave your client testimonials to your clients to create, then you may be losing control of the messages that you want to put out to the market. Although the testimonial may be good, it may not be what your future clients need to hear to move them closer to buying from you.

This is not about having the latest and greatest recording equipment and studio. This session is focused on creating authentic content using only your smart phone and basic editing software.

And it is not about being scripted, or being difficult for you or the client, but it is about having a strategy, making it easy and shaping your messages to match what your potential customers need to move towards a sale while still being authentic.

In this practical, hands on session you will start to create videos that can be used for a variety of purposes, with basic videos skills that will be useful for online learning programs, marketing, testimonials and social media.

Please bring along:

– your phone and charger

– selfie stick, tripod, ring light and laptop if you have them

– water bottle

– note pad and pen

Duration: 5 hours


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