How to Seed then Sell Successfully Online webinar or face to face (1 hour)


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It can be a fine line to know how and when to sell your products, programs and services.

If you don’t seed you are not likely to make sales, but if you push too hard you will become that person nobody wants to buy from. Getting it right is critical to your business success.

With a market filled with free and low cost opportunities, you may think it can be difficult to get interest and stand out. Perhaps you are reshaping what you offer and testing out different options hoping that some will convert to paying customers.

You may have made an offer at the end of some of your presentations, and if you have you will know that, without reading your audience and seeding appropriately from the beginning you will get very few, if any sales. This leaves us to answer the question “how do I seed and sell well in this environment?”

When you learn subtle techniques that are conversational and natural, taking a respectful approach with your potential customers you will start providing value first and foremost, create somewhere for your audience to go to next, and ultimately make more sales because you will create an environment where your customers want to buy from you. You will be differentiating your offer in the market, will help you stand out for all the right reasons and the sales process will get a whole lot easier.


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