Industry, Profession, Region, City, Town or Country Based Workforce Planning and Development Projects


Understanding the critical job roles and capabilities, skills strengths and development gaps of individuals within an organisation can be difficult.

So where do you start?

  • A skills stock take – identifying the total skills within your workforce.
  • Competency profiles for job roles – provides a method of describing and measuring the skills required.
  • Capability frameworks for organisations, projects, industry sectors, regions and countries – enables you to measure skills and competencies, Key Performance Indicators and targets, values and behaviours.

Workforce BluePrint has extensive experience in building workforce plans and designing workforce development strategies, managing projects for teams, enterprises and organisations, governments, clusters and networks, industry sectors, communities and regions.

Focusing on your goals and outcomes, applying a workforce lens to determine priority issues for the current workforce and into the future.

Identifying workforce gaps and issues from the workforce planning process, prioritising the gaps, incorporating existing workforce development strategies, designing new workforce development strategies, and assisting with the allocation of resources, responsibilities and timelines.

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