International Insight and Opportunities for Registered Training Organisations and Education Providers


Are you keen to explore international capability and capacity building opportunities?

Gain insight into potential opportunities by conducting action research and analysing information and evidence on:

  1. Countries or regions that have adopted parts of the Australian Qualifications Framework and/or where the TVET system has Australian input or support as a natural next step.
  2. Regions and countries where there is a level of respect, interaction and collaboration for Australia’s VET system, accredited and non-accredited training, including customer purchase history.
  3. Cultural, language, pricing and political sensitivities to be aware of and review of your products, marketing materials, website and social media channels including LinkedIn profile of key staff.
  4. Action plan and recommendations including go to market strategies for a number of countries.

Development of an international insight and opportunities action plan with a presentation that will include:

  1. Desk top review covering specific regions and countries, existing evidence, customer info, marketing, website, social media.
  2. External scan for program relevance and opportunities internationally.
  3. Product review and identification of specific areas that may need to be changed or developed.
  4. Sharing of research and recommendations – validation with your team.
  5. Draft recommendations, presentation and action plan, feedback and finalisation of outputs.

Action research on your regions of interest which can include:

  1. Eastern and Western Africa
  2. Southern Africa
  3. Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  4. Latin America and Caribbean
  5. Middle East and North Africa
  6. South Asia
  7. East Asia and the Pacific
  8. Europe
  9. North America

What is always in the quote?

  • Project action plan development, define scope & priority regions/countries; and
  • Review any existing evidence e.g. customer info, marketing, website, social media $990.00 incl GST
  • Product review $990.00 incl GST
  • Draft presentation and action plan including priorities; and
  • Final plan $3300.00 incl GST

$5280.00 plus $3300.00 incl GST per region – you can start with one or include as many regions as you like.

NB. This excludes any travel and accommodation that may be required.

Payment schedule: 30% on commencement; 40% on action research; 30% on presentation and action plan.


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