Pitch and Public Speaking Coaching sessions (1 hour)


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Go beyond the elevator pitch and create the perfect starting point to begin lasting and trustful conversations that will help you sell and build better business relationships.

The current set of circumstances has highlighted the need for you to be natural and diverse in your approach to pitching.  Face to face and/or one on one, may not an option at the moment.

The good news is, if you can pitch online then your potential market grows here and by a phenomenal multiplier. You need to be able to pitch online as well, if not better than, you can pitch in person.

In these coaching sessions you will learn how to attract positive attention to get yourself, your products and your company, without people feeling like you just pitched to them.

You will learn skills that will prepare you for your next pitch whether it be 30 seconds, a few minutes or a longer presentation to a packed out room.

Like the testimonials from past participants the outcomes for you will include:

  • Be more engaged with the people you contact which will lead to more sales and profit;
  • Stand out from the crowd and get your customers ‘on the hook‘;
  • Know how to build rapport and trust in business relationships right from the beginning;
  • Sell your product and company in a more authentic, confident and flexible way;
  • Be more relaxed and results will require less effort because you will get rid of bad habits that hinder your communication; and
  • Learn to quickly and easily to create some of the best sales and engagement tools with only a little effort and next to no capital outlay.

“Beyond the elevator pitch session really improved my capability in pitching!  From the short course we were able to prove our results really scaled up – by 50%!”

“During my work and during my schooling I had done a lot of public speaking but doing the pitch training has completely changed the way I think about public speaking and what I want to get out of it.  It was a real transformative experience, so I feel greatly empowered to influence people in a way that I never thought was possible!”

“The workshop has been really powerful.  I thought that I knew about pitching.  I watched it on YouTube and thought, you have the full knowledge about how to do it but it’s not that easy.  The course gave us some pointers on how to do it properly.  This gave us the basic foundation that we can use in the future to address any audience that we may encounter. The course was very fantastic and very useful for me.”

What’s covered?

Irresistible Introductions

First impressions are so important and they need to be crafted to make sure you are seen in the best light.

Agreement to Action

Getting agreement is easy if you are going to completely agree to the terms and conditions imposed on you by others.  Achieving agreement is also a lot easier if it does not require the other party to take further actions.

If you want true success then you will need to get your clients, partners, employees and suppliers to agree to fair pricing, terms and conditions and follow through with actions.  If you do not start by getting agreement it will be extremely difficult to move someone to actions like buying, supplying you, cross promoting or giving your product shelf space.

Appreciating Audiences Attitudes

Understand how to make the person you are communicating with feel like they are the most important person in the conversation.

Compelling Case Construction

One of the most challenging aspects of winning new customers is learning how to build a compelling case to potential clients.  When you have the ability to guide and support clients to buy your product your chances of success greatly improve.

Overcoming Objections  

The toughest aspect of making sales in your business is overcoming a buyer’s objections.  Whether you offer a service or a product, today’s buyers are more discerning than ever.  You need to have a convincing response to these roadblocks standing between you and that sale.

Most of your sales calls will be met with at least one objection.  You need to know the most common sales objections and where possible, handle them before they get raised.

Pitching in Conversation

Many people want to learn to pitch on stage however, nearly every pitch on stage was proceeded by a pitch in conversation that provided the opportunity to pitch to a larger group.

Use techniques that ensure that you are authentic and natural in conversation but gain trust, interest and opportunities to connect following up these conversations.

Prepare for your next Pitch

Practice is an important factor in mastering any skill.  You want the hours you put in to be as effective as possible so you can improve steadily.

It is important you have a few hints and tips to making sure your practice is effective where you and your audience feel comfortable.

Sales and Engagement Tools (Time permitting)

When you have the right tools, selling can be much more efficiently especially where your customers and clients speak on your behalf.

Selling and engagement tools can make you look more professional, boost your image and automate tasks giving you a greater return for your effort and time.

Book as many hours as you need, starting with a 2 hour session, with award winning pitch and public speaking coach, Scott Perry, who has helped clients pitch all around the world, from local, national and international stages in pitch competitins to Parliaments in other countries and to funders such as banks.


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