Professional Development – Entrepreneurial Learning; Engaging Employers; Intro to the Ecosystem



As an educator, business or career development leader, there is the invitation to help to develop tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and innovators.

But how do you build an entrepreneurial mindset (which is required for every job) and integrate entrepreneurial learning into education, engaging with employers, entrepreneurs and industry plus understand how to connect into the local ecosystem?

In this interactive workshop led by Entrepreneurship Facilitator and Education Specialist, Wendy Perry, you will:

  • Explore connections between entrepreneurial capabilities and the areas that you teach;
  • Consider underpinning education models and theories such as real world problem based and scenario based learning;
  • Hear about local, national and international examples of immersive entrepreneurial learning experiences working with students across various age and year levels;
  • Connections with business, industry and the entrepreneurial ecosystem;
  • Develop the outline for an entrepreneurial learning experience that you can run with your students; and
  • Understand what you might need from a practical and logistical perspective to get thing up and running plus validate with your students

Specific professional development aims addressed are:

  • Building capability to work effectively with business, industry and employers;
  • Developing ability to identify opportunities, priorities and potential solutions that involve students and/or educators;
  • Understanding the importance of promoting business and productivity benefits from engaging with students including School Based Apprenticeships and work based learning projects;
  • Developing skills in effective networking, targeting and stakeholder engagement; and
  • Identifying potential projects – creating action items with a plan to engage with industry.

With bonus content on an ‘Introduction to your local Entrepreneurial and Startup Ecosystem’.

Run face to face, generally over a half day this workshop can be customised to suit specific future job and industry focus, skills and VET programs, and your local context.

Duration: half day


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