Where the Jobs Are Now…


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You might be wondering about your options and what is next in terms of employment?


Perhaps managing your time, family commitments and updating your skills or registration is on your mind.  You may have questions like, are there many jobs available, should you move industry sector or profession for work, who is hiring and is there flexibility.


Get insights and ideas, confidence and opportunities that you might like to explore, related to where the jobs are now, what types of jobs are out there, how to uncover jobs and best present yourself, plus formal and informal networks that can help with access to employment.


Facilitated by Wendy Perry, MD @WorkforceBluePrint; Entrepreneurship & Innovation; Future of Jobs, Skills & Work; Investing in Emerging Entrepreneurs & Startups; Strategic Workforce Planning; World Class Education; #EntrepreneurshipFacilitator.


If you have any specific questions covered then please email wendy@workforceblueprint.com.au, thanks.



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