Workforce of the Future Program (4 weeks)


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Participants will understand the landscape of disruption in your sectors, identify opportunities and risks, and develop an action plan to address your key workforce issues.

A practical and hands on approach customised where the format of 4 x Masterclass or Modules follows a simple, systematised approach called TAKE ACTION.

Module 1 – Welcome and introductions

The full picture – Industry 4.0 and rapid uptake; What is happening across the sectors?; In other sectors, locally, nationally and internationally?; In the labour/skills market?

At this time – Where are you at this time? What does your current business strategy mean for your workforce? What is the current workforce profile, critical job roles and capabilities?

Module 2

Know what you want asking the following questions:

  • What are the likely impacts of Industry 4.0 and automation on your workforce into the future
  • What will the proximate environment be like in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years including new discovery technologies?
  • How certain or uncertain are you that these drivers will have an impact on your organisation and workforce?
  • What is the preferred scenario for your workforce?
  • What are the implications (threats and opportunities) of the preferred scenario for your current and future workforce?
  • Critical job roles and emerging capabilities (skills and competencies)?
  • Who is leading in this space? (tapping into the knowledge in the session)

Module 3

Evaluate the gaps – What are the issues and gaps for your current workforce and when considering your future workforce?

What workforce development strategies might work? What training may be required?

What communication strategies will help explain future workforce requirements and staffing needs? What are the priorities and/or risks?

Module 4

ACTION – Using a Workforce Action Plan template consider:

  • Outcomes and actions
  • Workforce development strategies/solutions (may include working with Universities, Training Providers and Schools, workforce supply side agencies, workforce attraction and recruitment, retention, career development and upskilling, mentoring, knowledge transfer and succession planning)
  • Milestones and timeframes
  • Resources (including State and Federal government programs) and responsibilities
  • Agreement for implementation and potential for acceleration
  • Support including buddies or mentors to hold you accountable
  • Next steps with practical takeaways

This program can be undertaken by you as an individual and/or as a group of colleagues with a quote for a customised program available to you when you email, thank you.


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