Robinvale Workforce Development Strategy aimed at developing skills for the future

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Press Release Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 – Workforce BluePrint

Workforce BluePrint will work with three local Sunraysia employers, Boundary Bend, Select Harvests and OLAM, following the launch of Robinvale Agribusiness Workforce Development Strategy at the 2014 Sunraysia Agribusiness Summit by Member for Mildura Peter Crisp.  The Robinvale Agribusiness Workforce Development Strategy will ensure the Robinvale region has a highly competent agricultural workforce now and into the future.

Robinvale Advancing Country Towns Strategic Projects Manager Mr Glenn Stewart said, “…the initiative was an excellent example of industry working with schools, RTO’s and Universities to develop sustainable training and higher education pathways to develop the skills required to enhance horticulture production in the Robinvale region”.

Peter Crisp MLA for Mildura and Glenn Stewart Advancing Country Towns making the announcement of $45,000 towards the Robinvale Workforce Development Strategy at the Sunraysia Agribusiness Summit held at the Robinvale Golf Club.

Workforce needs will be analysed by workforce planning and development specialists Workforce BluePrint including:

  • entry level skill and education requirements for workforce roles
  • critical job roles and skills
  • job requirements and skill needs

The three businesses will work together to identify the job roles in demand and the skills needed across the region.

The Corporate HR Manager for Select Harvests, Tom Kite, noted that the project, “…will have broad outcomes for the industry, educators, employment agencies and job seekers.  It is aimed at revisiting the skills the industry needs and how those skills can best be delivered to existing and potential employees”.

Tom Kite also said, “We believe that long term community benefits are to be gained by developing agricultural careers and encouraging our younger generation to consider such careers as legitimate lifetime options”.

“Knowing what job roles require in terms of skills is an absolute must for any successful business.  Doing a stocktake of the skills you have, those that you need now and in the future, means you can build your workforce capability towards your business goals.  With these workforce profiles, the Robinvale region will again be highlighted as a great community, undergoing growth and with many opportunities.  Not only that, the profiles can be used by schools, SuniTAFE, La Trobe University, employment and training providers as they show the skills required for critical job roles across the Robinvale region”, says Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint.

A sample of employees from across the region will contribute to the skills assessment to identify strengths and potential gaps.  A final report and workforce profile will be published in August 2014.

Written by Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint, June 2014.

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